Cisco UCS Management

Simplification and Automation Across Infrastructure

Unified management across Cisco UCS, Hyperconverged infrastructure, and third-party storage, servers, and networks.

Cisco Intersight

  • Cloud-hosted management for Cisco UCS
  • Simplifies systems management across data center, ROBO, and edge environments
  • Unique recommendation engine delivers actionable intelligence
  • Tight integration with Cisco TAC makes support easier

Cisco UCS Management Partner Ecosystem

  • Integrations with ISV monitoring, analytics, deployment, configuration, and orchestration tools
  • Programmatic control of your infrastructure through a unified API and software object model
  • Support for third-party servers, network and storage, as well as converged and hyperconverged infrastructure

Cisco UCS Manager

  • Automates and treats infrastructure as code to improve agility and reduce TCO
  • Unifies management of Cisco UCS blade and rack servers, Cisco UCS Mini
  • Speeds up daily operations and reduces risks with policy-driven, model-based architecture

Cisco UCS Central

  • Scales up to 10,000 servers to manage Cisco UCS server domains across data centers and geographies
  • Improves productivity with centralized resource inventory and automated policy-based server and network firmware upgrades
  • Provides a centralized fault summary for faster problem resolution and improved reliability

Cisco UCS Director

  • Provides the foundation for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), including a self-service portal for end users
  • Supported by independent hardware and software vendors through open APIs
  • Operates across infrastructure stacks in the data center, edge scale, and Mode 2 environments globally

Cisco Integrated Management Controller

  • Remote configuration, administration, and monitoring for Cisco UCS C-Series rack servers
  • Latest updates include HTML5 WebUI/KVM as well as Redfish and XML API transactional support

Cisco IMC Supervisor

  • Centralized management for C-Series and E-Series servers, including vKVM launch
  • Hardware inventory and health status; firmware management and update scheduler

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