Cisco UCS Central Software

Eliminate the Islands of Management

Simplify daily operations by centrally managing and automating routine tasks and expediting problem resolution. Our powerful platform eliminates disparate management environments. Use it to support up to 10,000 Cisco UCS servers (blade, rack, composable, and Mini) and manage multiple Cisco UCS instances or domains across globally-distributed locations.


New Cisco UCS Central 1.4

Learn the basic concepts and benefits of Cisco UCS Central 1.4. (4:29 min.)

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Features and Capabilities

Cisco UCS Central Software extends the policy-based functions and concepts of Cisco UCS Manager across multiple Cisco UCS domains in one or more physical locations.

With an enhanced HTML 5 user interface, you can work easily on a global scale to provide configuration capabilities for pools, policies, and firmware. Administrators can follow a define-once-deploy-many-times workflow for their infrastructure to increase operational efficiency.

Promote global policy compliance, where subject matter experts choose the resource pools and policies that need to be enforced globally or managed locally. Cisco UCS Central provides support for the complete range of Cisco UCS server models, including:

  • Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers
  • C-Series Rack Servers
  • Cisco UCS Mini
  • M-Series composable infrastructure

UCS Central also supports the new 40-Gigabit Cisco UCS 6332 Fabric Interconnects, as well as all current Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects.

Key Benefits

  • Policy-defined server definitions can be standardized and deployed across domains and physical locations
  • Policy-based firmware upgrades can be applied globally or selectively through automated schedules or as business workloads demand
  • Global administrative policies can enable global and local management of Cisco UCS domains to promote consistency and standardization across domains

Key Features

  • Health status, logs, and inventory of all Cisco UCS components to facilitate rapid problem resolution
  • Keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) manager, which allow admins to launch KVM sessions anywhere in the Cisco UCS environment
  • Global ID pooling and multidomain ID visibility to eliminate identifier conflicts
  • Bandwidth, power, and thermal statistics collection and aggregation

Open and Extensible

Easily extend the functionality of your management tools through a broad partner ecosystem. An open XML API builds on the Cisco UCS Manager XML API for easy integration into higher-level data center management frameworks.

The Cisco UCS Platform Emulator supports use of Cisco UCS Manager and the UCS XML API without the need of physical hardware. With the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator and Cisco UCS Central you can model policies and deployments for large-scale environments.

For More Information

  • Automate management of all software and hardware components with the Cisco UCS Manager
  • Use our Cisco UCS Director for orchestration and integrated infrastructure management
  • Simulate Cisco UCS operations to discover how infrastructure works with Cisco UCS Platform Emulator
  • Visit the Cisco UCS user community for more resources, such as developer guides and management tips
  • Watch Cisco experts test-drive the Cisco UCS Manager (1:26 min)

Simplify the Move to Automation

The Cisco UCS partner management ecosystem integrates many existing management tools. (PDF - 652 KB )

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