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Guardians of the network

Guardians of the network

Network security is a demanding business. Take it from the people who work on the front lines every day. Working with the tools of the trade, they help customers protect their infrastructure.

Read on to learn more from some our favorite security practitioners as they share stories from the real world of security.

Security stories

Andrew Phillips

Getting the who, what, and when of an attack

Meet Andrew Phillips, a software developer with 10 years in the industry.

Brian Butler

“Things you might not want to see”

Meet Brian Butler, a consulting systems engineer with 8 years in the industry.

Dan Kascak

No client problem too complex

Meet Dan Kascak, a Stealthwatch support professional with 18 years in the industry.

David Rudd

Turning the network into a sensor

Meet David Rudd, a security sales team member with 14 years in the industry.

Derek Dean

Scaling protection with the network

Meet Derek Dean, a technical services consultant with 6 years in the industry.

James Powell

He eats, sleeps, and breathes security

Meet James Powell, a product security analyst with 20 years in the industry.

Jamison Budacki

Protecting personal client information

Meet Jamison Budacki, a senior information security architect with 12 years in the industry.

Jeff Moncrief

“A game of cat and mouse”

Meet Jeff Moncrief, a systems engineering manager with 19 years in the industry.

Joey Muniz

Phishing a client’s employees

Meet Joey Muniz, a technical solutions architect with 16 years in the industry.

Justin Majors

“The environment changes every day”

Meet Justin Majors, a customer success manager with 14 years in the industry.

Peter Johnson

Seeing odd patterns of behavior

Meet Peter Johnson, a technical marketing engineer with 18 years in the industry.

Rod Starrett

Delivering the information you need

Meet Rod Starrett, a service delivery manager with 16 years in the industry.

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