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Cisco Optics

Innovation in transceiver modules and technology.

Network transformation with world-class optics

From the campus, to the data center, to the service provider network, Cisco is transforming networking by reducing the complexity of optical transceiver modules with pluggable optics innovation, investment, and expertise.

Innovations to lower complexity

Leadership in advanced optics technology combined with wafer-scale manufacturing.

Simplified and reliable networking

Rigorous qualification increases optics reliability and interoperability across Cisco and multi-vendor hosts.

Portfolio breadth

1G to 400G speeds, industry standards-compliant designs.

Reduced risk

Global supply chain diversity and single vendor sourcing reduce your risk of disruption.

Innovations that reduce optics complexity and cost

Silicon photonics

Photonics technology design and manufacturing leverage CMOS processes to improve performance, scale, and reduce cost.

100G PAM4

Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM4) advanced modulation format doubles the throughput while maintaining baud rate. PAM4 use in next generation 100G and 400G optics delivers superior performance.

Pluggable coherent optics

Gain the optical transport reach and performance you need at the cost points and power profiles of a pluggable form factor that let you maintain maximum router capacity.

Extensive qualification for plug and play

Cisco optical transceiver modules are qualified through a rigorous process to ensure that high quality and reliable optics are available when you need them.

Cisco optical modules

Industry standards-compliant designs from 1G to 400G speeds.

400G transceiver modules

QSFP-DD modules for data center, high-performance compute, enterprise core, and service provider networks.

100G transceiver modules

Industry leading, standards-compliant 100G pluggable modules offering high-density and lower power connectivity options.

40G transceiver modules

Meet high-performance connectivity requirements of campus and data center deployments.

25G transceiver modules

High-density and low-power 25 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center and compute networks applications.

10G transceiver modules

Industry compliant Xenpak, X2 and XFP modules for 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments.

Transceiver module product selection tools

Product information matrix

Discover the optics to fit your network design or deployment needs.

Compatibility matrix

Discover which pluggable optics are compatible with which host platform ports.

Interoperability matrix

Discover which pluggable optics communicate with each other via fiber.

Use cases and solutions

400G optimized routing

Redefine the economics of the Internet with the breakthrough density and massive scale of Cisco 8000 Series Routers.

Cisco routed optical network

Simplify your optical transport with an architecture that delivers higher scale and lower TCO.

Enterprise campus networks

Support increasing bandwidth demands to deliver the connected experiences you need with Cisco Optics.

400G Data center

Accelerate your migration to high density 400G data center fabrics with the Cisco Nexus 400G portfolio.