Cisco Optics

Fiber-optic transceiver modules to accelerate your network connections.

Peace of mind at the heart of your network

Deploy the highest quality, performance-leading optical transceivers in any network architecture.

Unparalleled availability

Reduce your risk of disruption with access to global supply chain diversity, fulfillment, and support.

Uncompromising quality

Keep your network up and running with reliable optics that are rigorously tested, qualified, and validated.

Unrivaled innovation

Accelerate your network and lower your costs with innovations in optics technology and manufacturing.

Optical transceivers for every network

Industry standards-compliant designs from 1G to 400G speeds.

Optical transceiver modules

800G modules

Double your port capacity with QSFP-DD800 while maintaining backward compatibility to lower speed QSFP modules.

400G modules

Migrate to 400G connectivity, with QSFP-DD modules that provide super-high density and backwards compatibility.

100G modules

Deploy high-density and low-power connectivity in your data center, high-performance computing, and service provider networks.

50G modules

Implement high-capacity single-lane connectivity for service provider and enterprise access networks and for data center applications.

40G modules

Meet the high-performance connectivity requirements of campus, data center, and cloud deployments.

25G modules

Deploy high-density and low-power SFP28 connectivity for data center and high-performance computing networks applications.

10G modules

Support a broad range of port types, with modules optimized for the requirements of your 10G applications.

Coherent optics

QSFP-DD High-Tx Power 400G

Increase the optical transmit power to enable longer reaches and compatibility across high insertion loss systems.


Transmit 400G wavelengths up to 120 km with coherent ZR optics and long-haul transmission with Open ZR+.


Connect point-to-point unamplified links up to 80 km with 100G coherent wavelengths.

CFP2 400G

Deploy software configurable line rates and modulation schemes for long-reach amplified DWDM systems or dark fiber systems.

CFP2 400G BiDi

Support line rates up to 400 Gbps over a single-fiber bidirectional transmission.

Transceiver module product selection tools

Product information matrix

Discover the optics to fit your network design or deployment needs.

Compatibility matrix

See which pluggable optics are compatible with which host platform ports.

Interoperability matrix

See which pluggable optics communicate with each other via fiber.

Essential components for any use case

Optics for the future of work

Transition to higher network speeds with an optics strategy for hybrid work.

400G data center networking

Accelerate your migration to high density 400G data center fabrics.

Cisco Routed Optical Networking

Converge your IP and optical transport onto a single layer to streamline lifecycle operations.

Optics for Data Center Interconnect

Connect data centers across your metro areas and beyond with 100G to 400G pluggable optics.