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Updated:October 31, 2019

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Updated:October 31, 2019


Simple, Cloud-Managed Office Communications for Small Businesses

Product overview

The Cisco® Business Edition 4000 (BE4000) is an easy-to-use, cloud-managed communications system based on proven IP telephony and voicemail technology. It is ideal for small to midsize businesses and supports up to 200 phones. The BE4000 can help reduce your communications costs and is easy to set up and manage.


Features and benefits

The following table describes how the BE4000 solution can help your organization.



Simple cloud-hosted management

Lower IT administration overheads. With customized views for partners, IT administrators, and end users, the BE4000 cloud-hosted management portal gives easy access to the settings and information you need to rapidly deploy a new system and make day-to-day changes. Intuitive menus make it easy to add new users and phones and turn on calling features. End-user self-service menus mean your staff can set personal preferences such as speed dials and passwords for themselves.

Comprehensive calling features

Never miss that important call. With the Cisco BE4000, enjoy high-quality, reliable communications with your coworkers, customers, suppliers, and partners. Essential features such as auto-attendant, call park, hold and transfer, hunt groups, single number reach, and many more mean your calls always get routed to the right place.

Proven voice over IP (VoIP) telephony

Reduced communications costs with proven Cisco VoIP telephony. Lower your long-distance and international calling charges with VoIP technology. Reduce the risk of outages and save on expensive maintenance and repair costs for your existing, obsolete key telephone system or Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

Support for the latest Cisco IP phones

Flexibility and choice. The BE4000 supports a broad range of the latest Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series devices. Choose from a range of models that are suited to different users’ requirements and work environments.

Flexible consumption models

Simpler investment planning with investment protection. 1-, 3-, and 5-year prepaid license subscriptions mean you can plan your investments to match your budget cycles. At the end of the term, simply renew or migrate your phones to a complete cloud service like Cisco Webex®.

Quick and easy to deploy and manage

The BE4000 is a completely cloud-managed IP phone system. The cloud management portal features simple and intuitive management capabilities that make the BE4000 quick to deploy and easy to manage and use. New users and phones can be added in minutes. You can manage all your office locations from anywhere, and end users can easily customize their own phone and voicemail settings.

Cisco BE4000 solution components



Cisco Business Edition 4000

Cisco BE4000 appliance


  The Cisco BE4000 is a dedicated voice appliance that provides essential IP telephony and voicemail services. It comes in a compact, small-footprint form factor
  If required, simply choose the Cisco network interface module you need to connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Select up to two, choosing from PRI, BRI and FXO
  Alternatively, the BE4000 supports SIP trunking, to enable you to connect to an IP PSTN service from your preferred VoIP service provider

BE4000 prepaid term-based subscription plans


  1-, 3-, and 5-year prepaid options
  Each user subscription entitles that user to connect a single device (such as a phone, fax, or conference phone) to the system and provides a single user voice mailbox for the duration of the plan
  Plans include Cisco Software Support Service, entitling you to:
   All BE4000 system software upgrades
   24-hour daily Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support
  Plans also include access to the Business Edition Management Portal for:
   Rapid preconfiguration and deployment of BE4000 solutions
   Ongoing system moves, adds, changes, and deletions (MACDs)
   End-user portal access for personal preference settings

Cisco Smart Net Total Care® Service


The Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service can be purchased to cover the BE4000 solution hardware and provides the following benefits:

  Global, 24-hour access to the Cisco TAC for covered devices
  Advance hardware replacement, including 2-hour, 4-hour, and next-business-day options
  24-hour access to Cisco online resources
  Comprehensive, web-based user community for self-service support of smart capabilities

Cisco IP phones

Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series


  Ideal for common areas, knowledge workers, administrative staff, and managers
  Cost-effective, full-featured IP telephony for small to large organizations
  Range of models supporting light to active voice communications needs
  Clear sound from enhanced acoustics and wideband audio to avoid fatigue
  Compatible with Cisco on-premises, Cisco cloud, and many third-party solutions

Cisco Unified IP Phone 8800 Series


  Ideal for onsite and remote knowledge workers, administrative staff, and managers
  Enjoy clear IP telephony with enhanced acoustics to increase productivity
  Work your way, with advanced features such as personal mobile device integration
  Compatible with Cisco on-premises, Cisco cloud, and many third-party solutions

Optional – Cloud Collaboration

Cisco Webex


  With Cisco Webex, your people and teams can create spaces to send messages, share files, and stay in contact wherever they go
  When they need to meet, they’ll spend less time getting caught up and more time getting stuff done
  When they are ready to meet, they can simply join from a smartphone or desktop
  Extend collaboration even further by adding a Cisco Webex Teams and Meeting plan alongside your BE4000
  Sign up for free at Or choose a paid plan
  And when you are ready for a fully integrated solution with meetings, messaging, and calling, you can migrate and register your phones to the Cisco Webex service. Or migrate to a larger Business Edition 6000 solution, featuring Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

Product specifications

BE4000 solution features and capabilities

BE4000 plan features


Term options

1-, 3-, and 5-year prepaid plan options are available

Plan entitlement

A licensed user is entitled to connect one device, access one voice mailbox, and access the BE4000 management portal for the duration of the subscription


Access to the Cisco TAC 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

Software upgrades

Software subscription includes major and minor upgrades

Smart Licensing

Smart Licensing provides a flexible approach that streamlines the management of your software licenses

Devices supported

Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series models supported

7811, 7821, 7832, 7841, 7861

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series models supported

8811, 8821, 8831, 8832, 8841,8845, 8851, 8851NR, 8861,8865

Analog devices

Analog phones, fax machines, etc. supported via NIM FXS ports and Cisco ATA 190 Series Analog Telephone Adapters

Total system capacity

Up to 200 devices supported on a single BE4000 appliance

Voicemail features

Maximum number of mailboxes

Up to 200 per BE4000 appliance

Message storage capacity

Up to 120 hours of voicemail messages

Business Edition management features

Role-based access to portal

The Business Edition Management Portal for the BE4000 provides highly secure, customized access for Cisco partner administrators, customer IT administrators, and end users

Administrators can view and update key system settings and enable end users to log in to the system to perform common self-help tasks such as managing their password updates and speed dial settings

Status monitoring

Administrators can view key system settings as well as system health

BE4000 appliance specifications


1.75 x 14.55 x 11.60 in (44.55 x 369.57 x 294.64 mm)


7.7 lb (3.5 kg) + 1.2 lb (0.66 kg) external power supply

RJ-45-based ports


Network Interface Module (NIM) slots


Safety compliance

UL 60950-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, EN 60950-1, AS/NZS 60950-1, IEC 60950-1, GB-4943

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

CES-003 Class A, EN55022 Class A, CISPR22 Class A, AS/NZS 3548 Class A, VCCI V-3, CNS 13438

EN 300-386, EN 61000 (Immunity), EN 55024, CISPR 24, EN50082-1, KN22, KN24

Telecommunications standards

TIA-968-B, CS-03, ANSI T1.101, ITU-T G.823, G.824, IEEE 802.3, RTTE Directive

Homologation requirements vary by country and interface type. For specific country information, refer to the online approvals database at

PSTN trunk connection

SIP trunking

Up to 100 SIP trunk sessions

NIM options supported

1-, 2-, and 4-port T1/E1 cards

2- and 4-port BRI cards

2- and 4-port FXO cards

2- and 4-port FXS cards

2-port FXS, 4-port FXO combination card

Note:       For full details of product specifications, feature support, and caveats refer to:

Country availability

The BE4000 is available for deployment in the countries listed below. Dial plan and localization support for the end-user portal is also available for the following countries:






Puerto Rico













Czech Republic







New Zealand 

United Arab Emirates



United Kingdom



United States of America

Hong Kong


United States Virgin Islands

Note:       For country customization, dial plans, and localization information, see:

Note:       To read the Cisco Wireless IP Phone 8821 and 8821-WEX Wireless LAN Deployment Guide, visit:

Full feature list

Full feature list


Calling features

  Support for Cisco Unified IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series endpoints
  Support for Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module (CP-BEKEM)
  Supports a maximum of 200 devices
  Single number reach for mobility
  Call forward on busy, no answer, and all (internal or external)
  Call hold and retrieve
  Call park: Directed
  Call transfer
  Call transfer: Consultative
  Call waiting
  Call park
  Visual list of parked calls
  Diversion of calls directly to voicemail (transfer to voicemail)
  Do not disturb (DND)
  Call-waiting beep
  Call block list
  Call privacy on shared lines
  Dual-line appearances per button
  Automatic line selection for outbound calls
  Consult transfer
  Busy lamp field (presence)
  Soft keys available for each connected state
  Access features using soft keys
  Last-number redial
  Local name directory lookup
  Shared line on Cisco SIP phones and ATA-190
  On-hook dialing
  Station speed dials
  Support for fax machines on FXS ports
  FXS PLAR support
  3-party ad-hoc conferencing
  Directory services
  Music on hold
  Auto-registration of phones
  Extension assigner
  Call forward unregistered
  Localization support for Cisco Unified IP Phones
  Hunt groups: Sequential, parallel (blast), and longest idle. Limit of 20 hunt groups and 32 members per hunt group
  Hunt group call queueing (B-ACD)
  Class of restriction
  Single multi-level auto attendant with custom message upload
  Time-of-day routing
  Call detail records
  Emergency alerting
  Enterprise Line Key Support

Trunk features

  Analog FXO (Centrex lines are not supported)
  A single PSTN access SIP trunk per BE4000 with RFC 2833 support
  A single PSTN access trunk per BE4000 via either Basic Rate Interface (BRI) or Primary Rate Interface (PRI) support (NI2, 4ESS, 5ESS, DMS100, and DMS250) and several other switch types currently supported in Cisco IOS ® Software. A single trunk can span multiple ports on a NIM to provide a larger number of channels available for calling
  Caller ID name and number
  Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
  Digital trunk support (T1/E1)
  Direct Inward Dialing (DID): Up to 98 numbers for SIP trunks and 98 numbers in total for ISDN trunks
  Direct outward dialing (DOD)
  Call forwarding busy, no answer, and all
  Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) and Calling Name Identification Presentation (CNIP)
  Inter-site dialing Mesh enables up to six BE4000s connected in a mesh topology allowing calls between them using a site prefix prior to the local extension
  Inter-site dialing Star enables you to connect any number of BE4000 sites to a centralized call control system (such as Cisco Unified SIP Proxy, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, third-party SIP provider) for site-to-site dialing. In a star topology, calls are routed directly from each BE4000 to the centralized call control over an IP network using SIP. There is no limit to the number of BE4000 sites that can be used in a star topology

Voicemail features

  Voicemail support for up to 120 hours
  Voicemail to email and visual voicemail
  Group voicemail box
  Voicemail distribution lists
  Voicemail is not supported on FXS NIM modules
  Voicemail Box Space Notification
  Voicemail Description Style Setting
  Clear User Voicemail Box

Portal features

  Secure cloud portal for management of BE4000 appliance
  Partner administrators with full access to deploy appliances
  Customer administrator with access to perform moves, adds, and changes
  End-user self-care portal to manage personal settings
  Appliance status reporting and alerting
  Task Viewer
  Automated system feature validation and configuration
  Automated software upgrades
  Automated device backups to the Cisco BE4000 Cloud Portal
  Call detail record viewer
  Supported browsers: Current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari
  Customize phone branding

Ordering information

The Business Edition 4000 is available to order using the part numbers below. For more details on how and where to order, configuration details, and minimum quantities, refer to the Cisco Business Edition 4000 ordering guide at or on Cisco SalesConnect at

Part number

Product description

Cisco BE4000 appliance


Cisco Business Edition 4000 appliance


Cisco Business Edition 4000 appliance bundle with 1-port multiflex trunk voice/clear-channel data T1/E1 module

Optional network interface modules for PSTN connectivity


2-port network interface module - FXO (Universal)


4-port network interface module - FXO (Universal)


2-port network interface module - FXS, FXS-E and DID


4-port network interface module - FXS, FXS-E and DID


2-port FXS/FXS-E/DID and 4-port FXO network interface module


2-port BRI network interface module


4-port BRI network interface module


1-port multiflex trunk voice/clear-channel data T1/E1 module


2-port multiflex trunk voice/clear-channel data T1/E1 module


4-port multiflex trunk voice/clear-channel data T1/E1 module

Cisco Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor Module for Multiflex Trunk (MFT) T1/E1 NIMs


32-channel, high-density, voice DSP module


64-channel, high-density, voice DSP module

Cisco Smart Net Total Care service


Smart Net Total Care for BE4000 Appliance 1 Year

Cisco Business Edition 4000 software user license subscription


Business Edition 4000 1-year subscription


Business Edition 4000 3-year subscription


Business Edition 4000 5-year subscription

Note:       The optional BE4000 Digital Multiflex Trunk (MFT) modules listed in the previous table require the appropriate Cisco Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor Module 4 (PVDM4). For more information on the E1/T1 PVDM4 ordering and configuration requirements, see

Warranty information

The Cisco Business Edition 4000 appliance has a Cisco 90-Day Limited Hardware Warranty.

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