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Cisco MDS Fixed and Modular Switch Promotions Brochure

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Updated:November 16, 2020

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Updated:November 16, 2020


More diverse and sophisticated applications and services continue to come online, resulting in management complexity and rampant data proliferation. With this complexity, organizations have even less time to devote to management tasks such as zoning, troubleshooting, and operational validations. To help our customers overcome these challenges, Cisco is announcing a series of 32G FC port upgrade promotions in its flagship fixed and modular MDS series switches.

Switches and software bundle

      Must buy 2 of the 9132T switches below, each switch preconfigured with:

    Cisco MSD 9132T 8-port switch

    4x 32G SFP and 4x 16G SFP

    1x 1-year term license for DCNM and SAN Insights

    1 power supply and 2 exhaust fans

To order:

      Quantity 2 of PID DS-C9132T-8MESTK9

* Solution support added by default. Can be changed to Smart Net Total Care ® support.

Refer to picture below for details


This promotion expires: April 30, 2022.

Promotion description

Switches and software bundle promotion

In the switches and software bundle promotion, you receive advanced software with two (2) 32G fixed switches. And you get a discount of more than 20 percent.

Take advantage of this promotion and:

      Bundle for Flash/NVMe-FC all-flash deployments with:

    An easy-to-purchase complete package and

    Preinstalled and licensed software

      Utilize Cisco Prime® Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) for ease of configuration and management with:

    Centralized management and visualization

      Gain performance insight for successful deployment when you:

    Know the network capacity before adding more devices

    Get real-time data on throughput, IOPS, and latency

64G Ready and Cisco MDS 9700 Series Multilayer Directors bundles promotion

The impact of doubling the pipe size with Cisco MDS 32G FC ports from and supporting NVMe over FC is a game changer, with significant impact on storage networking. The 64G ready and Cisco MDS 9700 Series Directors bundles (see below) are designed to start with 32G workloads and are upgradeable to 64G. These bundles are priced competitively from the standpoint of both discounted previous generation bundles and when compared to building your own configuration.

With this promotion, you can:

      Scale to 64G by adding three more fabric modules using Cisco MDS 9700 Series Multilayer Directors with the new FAB-3 modules

      Take advantage of preconfigured bundles, discounted both from previous-generation solutions and when compared to building your own configuration

Cisco MDS 9706

Start your SAN upgrade with these Cisco MDS 32G fixed and 64G ready modular switches

      Industry-first 64G ready modular switches

      Advanced SAN upgrade for DCNM

      Built-in analytics with all 32G switches

Find out more

      Automation for your SAN infrastructure using APIs or Ansible

      Try-and-buy through promotional bundles

Contact your Cisco partner or Cisco account manager for more information and to take advantage of special offers.

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