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Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS) Release 6.0

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Product Overview

The Cisco ® Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (Cisco Security MARS) is an appliance-based, all-inclusive solution that provides superior insight into and control of your existing security deployment. Part of Cisco's security management lifecycle, Cisco Security MARS empowers your security and network organizations to identify, manage, and counter security threats. It works with your existing network and security investments to identify, isolate, and recommend precise removal of offending elements. It also helps maintain internal policy compliance and can be an integral part of your overall regulatory compliance solution.

New Features

Cisco Security MARS Release 6.0 enhancements make Cisco Security MARS more open, with the ability to use the greater Cisco Security MARS community to improve security device support. Some enhancements include:
Cisco Security MARS device support framework: Framework to add velocity and flexibility to the Cisco Security MARS system, allowing faster, more flexible, and more scalable security device log support for existing and new Cisco and third-party vendor devices.
Support for the ASA 5580: MARS becomes the first Security Threat Management appliance to be capable of accepting logs from high output devices such as the ASA 5580.
Cisco Security MARS forum on NetPro: Community enablement for Cisco Security MARS users, partners, and third-party vendors interested in discussing, sharing, and rating Cisco Security MARS device support packages.
Cisco IPS Sensor Software Version 6.0 rules and report enhancements: Native support of IPS risk rating, threat rating, and virtual sensor in Cisco Security MARS will competitively differentiate the Cisco IPS and Cisco Security MARS value proposition by enabling Cisco Security MARS to further refine IPS event data to more effectively define threat detection and attack fidelity of the incident.
Comprehensive Device Support Updates: Covering IPS, ASA/PIX, IOS, Endpoint Security, Wireless and Third Party Devices


– Cisco IPS 6.0-Add Risk Rating, Threat Rating & Virtual Sensor

– Cisco IDSM-2, Cisco IPS 42xx Series, Cisco IPS-SSM-10/20, Cisco NM-CIDS

– Cisco IDSM2, Cisco IPS 42Xx series, Cisco IPS-SSM-10/-20/-40, Cisco NM-CIDS

• FW Appliances, Switches

– Cisco ASA 8.1 Support

– Cisco ASA/PIX 8.0.3-Secured Syslog

– Cisco FWSM 3.1.8

– Cisco CSC-SSM 6.1, 6.2

• IOS Security

– Cisco IOS 12.4(6)T, Zone based firewall

• Endpoint Security

– Cisco CCA 4.1.3

• 3rd Party Devices

– Juniper Netscreen Firewall 6.0

– ISS Proventia (via Siteprotector) 7.0

– McAfee FoundStone 5.0, 6.0

– McAfee Intrushield 4.1

For a summary of Cisco Security MARS features and benefits, including new features in Release 6.0, refer to the Cisco Security MARS 6.0 Data Sheet at

Ordering Information

Cisco Security MARS Release 6.0 will be included in all appliances purchased beginning approximately August 2008. Current Cisco Security MARS customers who have valid Cisco SMARTnet ® Service contracts when released can also download the release at the Cisco Software Center. (See Table 1.)

Table 1. Ordering Information for Cisco Security MARS

Part Number

Cisco SMARTnet Service Part Number




Cisco Security MARS 25R



Cisco Security MARS 25R upgrade license to CS-MARS-25-K9



Cisco Security MARS 25



Cisco Security MARS 55



Cisco Security MARS 110R



Cisco Security MARS 110R upgrade license to CS-MARS-110-K9



Cisco Security MARS 110



Cisco Security MARS 210



Cisco Security MARS GC2R



Cisco Security MARS GC2R upgrade license to CS-MARS-GC2-K9

Upgrade Paths

Current Cisco Security MARS customers who have valid Cisco SMARTnet Service contracts can migrate or upgrade to Cisco Security MARS Release 6.0. Both first-generation and second-generation appliances are supported under this release. For detailed information about upgrade paths, see the release notes when made available at


Cisco Security MARS 6.0 is currently scheduled for release in August 2008. Software will be made available at the Cisco Software Center at that time.

Support and Services

Cisco SMARTnet Service delivers rapid issue resolution by giving businesses direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers; an award-winning online support center; machine-to-machine diagnostics on select devices; and premium advance hardware replacement options.
The Cisco Security MARS Implementation Service provides expert network analysis, planning, design, and implementation assistance to help organizations deploy an effective in-depth network defense that speeds attack response capabilities and enhances network and security operations monitoring to aid in compliance activities.
Cisco Security Center

More Information

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