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Updated:April 29, 2022

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Updated:April 29, 2022



Technology helps increase the efficiency of law enforcement personnel, improves safety in the field, and ensures accountability for officers. The ability to connect officers, equipment, dispatch teams, and internal command is vital to their mission-critical operations. Law enforcement agencies need to ensure that their teams out in the field have fast access to the same real-time data and applications as they do back at station.

A law enforcement cruiser’s needs are complex

Requires reliable connectivity at all times

      Access to multiple carriers to ensure always-on communications in the field

      Connectivity in the field for multiple critical tasks such as issuing citations, completing and sending accident reports, accessing criminal databases, etc.

Needs secure communication

      Secure connectivity for access to sensitive data and to prevent any unauthorized access

Requires connectivity for moving vehicles in extreme conditions

Needs high bandwidth inside and outside the car

      Connectivity for multiple devices such as laptops, cameras, license plate readers, electronic citation systems, etc. in the police car

      Wi-Fi perimeter outside the vehicle for tablet, body cams, smartphone access

      Ability to stream live video from cruisers to the station

Needs to track law enforcement vehicles in remote incident areas

What it does

Cisco connects and protects

Enhance public safety with secure, reliable communications

We know your life depends on it

Enable always-on, secure communications
Connect to multiple carriers to help ensure that critical tasks are carried out smoothly.

Improve efficiency and boost the safety of first responder operations
Officers can stay in the field longer and complete electronic paperwork, offloading videos while away from the station.

Reduce total cost of ownership
Increase return on investment by using Cisco’s modular industrial routers.



Cisco provides one of the most secure, reliable IoT portfolios on the market

Leader in networking

Extend the Cisco network you know and trust to scale your IoT deployments using reliable infrastructure and operations-friendly cloud management tools.

Industry-leading security

Cisco’s industry-leading security portfolio gives you complete visibility and control.

Flexibility to adapt to your changing needs

Modular design and expansion modules give you the flexibility to upgrade as technologies evolve.

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