Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Client Adapters

Wavelink Avalanche Software included with Client Adapters

Product Bulletin No. 2100

Wavelink Avalanche Software Now Shipping
with Cisco Aironet Client Adapters

Cisco Systems® is pleased to announce that Wavelink Corporation is now shipping a full trial version of Wavelink Avalanche software with all Cisco® Aironet® client adapters. This software is shipping as a separate CD within the box of every Cisco Aironet client adapter.

This full trial version of Wavelink Avalanche software is free and supports the management of two mobile devices for a period of 30 days without registration or 20 mobile devices for a period of 90 days with registration. This is a US $200 value.

Wavelink Avalanche is a device configuration solution enabling remote, over-the-air software synchronization. This solution allows enterprise customers to cost-effectively support their installed base of wireless devices from one central location. Wavelink Avalanche provides the following capabilities:

  • Over-the-air device software and configuration upgrades—Perform all changes to device firmware, utilities, and software, such as IP configuration, directly over the air. Over-the-air upgrades eliminate the manually intensive and mundane task of "touching" each device.
  • Support remote site wireless devices from a central location—In addition to supporting the wireless devices on the local wireless LAN, support is provided for installed devices at remote sites over a WAN connection.
  • Support a heterogeneous installed base of wireless devices—Wavelink Avalanche supports a range of wireless devices from DOS-based devices to newer devices based on the Palm operating system, Windows CE, or Pocket PC platform. Avalanche enables the support of a heterogeneous installed base of devices from a single management console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Wavelink Avalanche?

A. Wavelink Avalanche is a mobile device management software solution that has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of mobile devices throughout an enterprise. It allows administrators to automate software and device configuration deployment and maintenance functions by enabling centralized management over the air.

Wavelink Avalanche consists of three core components: the Avalanche "Enabler", the "Agent" and the "Console". The Avalanche "Enabler" resides on the mobile device being managed and communicates to an "Avalanche Agent" which automatically monitors and synchronizes software, utilities, firmware, and radio drivers as defined by the administrator utilizing the "Avalanche Console". Avalanche Agents are software services deployed to local or remote sites, which allow for large numbers of devices to be managed over a wide area network and wireless LAN connection.

Q. What problems does Wavelink Avalanche solve?

A. Wavelink Avalanche lowers the total cost of ownership for mobile devices by:

  • Eliminating the need for central prestaging of equipment before an update
  • Decreasing the need for IT personnel travel to remote locations to perform installs
  • Minimizing field downtime during upgrades
  • Providing ongoing revision maintenance
  • Synchronizing software over the air rather than via traditional high-touch techniques
  • Simultaneously updating multiple wireless device types across the entire enterprise

Q. What Cisco Aironet client adapter types does Wavelink Avalanche support?

A. Wavelink Avalanche currently supports the Cisco Aironet 350 and 340 Series IEEE 802.11b client adapter PCMCIA adapter type when used in a Windows PC environment.

Q. If I have Wavelink Avalanche technical support questions, who do I call?

A. Cisco customers who have questions about installing or configuring Wavelink Avalanche, can call Wavelink Technical Support at (425) 823-0111 extension "9" or e-mail .

Q. Where can I learn more about Wavelink Avalanche?

A. Wavelink offers a number of resources to learn more about Wavelink Avalanche. Visit the Wavelink Avalanche web site at: