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ISM over VDLC Configuration Relationships


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ISM over VDLC Configuration Relationships

This scenario illustrates the basic CiscoWorks Blue Internetwork Status Monitor (ISM) over virtual data-link control (VDLC) configuration of the routers and relates the router configurations to the XCA Major Node and the Switched Major Node definitions in Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM). Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the network setup for ISM over VDLC test. Figure 3 details the relationships between configuration parameters (the OS/390 Input/Output Configuration Program [IOCP] generation commands were removed to improve readability). In this scenario, the Channel Interface Processor (CIP) connects to the host via an ESCON Director and the routers are connected by a serial link. This document assumes knowledge of the command structure but not the parameter relationships.

Figure 1: ISM over VDLC Network Scenario

Figure 2: Logical View of ISM over VDLC

Figure 3: ISM over VDLC Parameter Relationships