Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability Administration Guide, Release 4.2(3)
Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration
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Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration

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Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration

Serviceability Reports Archive Configuration

This chapter describes how to use the Serviceability Reports Archive option under the Tools menu.


Step 1 From Cisco Unified CallManager Administration, choose Application > Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability.

The Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability window displays.

Step 2 Choose Tools > Serviceability Reports Archive.

The Serviceability Reports Archive window displays.

Step 3 From the RTMT Reports pane, choose the month for which you want to display reports.

The month and year that you chose displays.

Step 4 To view reports, click the link that corresponds to the day for which RTMT generated reports.

The report files for the day that you chose display.

Step 5 To view a particular PDF report, click the link of the report that you want to view.

A window opens and displays the PDF file of the report that you chose.

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