Cisco DCNM Installation and Licensing Guide, Release 6.x
Introduction to Cisco Data Center Network Manager
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Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) is a management system for the Cisco Unified Fabric. It enables you to provision, monitor, and troubleshoot the data center network infrastructure. It provides visibility and control of the unified data center so that you can optimize for the quality of service (QoS) required to meet service-level agreements.

Cisco DCNM increases overall data center infrastructure uptime and reliability, which improves business continuity. It provides a robust framework and comprehensive feature set that meets the routing, switching, and storage administration needs of data centers. Cisco DCNM streamlines the provisioning for the unified fabric and monitors the SAN and LAN components. Cisco DCNM provides a high level of visibility and control through a single web-based management console for Cisco Nexus, Cisco MDS, and Cisco Unified Computing System products.

Cisco DCNM also supports the installation of the Cisco DCNM for SAN and Cisco DCNM for LAN components with a single installer.

All Cisco DCNM for SAN and Cisco DCNM for LAN product documentation is now published to the Data Center Network Manager listing page on