Nexus Dashboard and Services Compatibility Matrix

This page provides Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Services compatibility information for specific Cisco Nexus Dashboard, services, and fabric versions.

Only the supported combinations are listed below — any services or versions that are not listed explicitly for a selected combination of fabrics and Nexus Dashboard release are not supported for that combination. The supported version combinations have been tested and validated by Cisco, Cisco partners, or both.

For recomendation on Nexus Dashboard cluster sizing for co-hosting services, see the Nexus Dashboard Capacity Planning tool instead.

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Target fabric type(s):
Cisco APIC

Cisco Cloud Network Controller
(formerly Cloud APIC)

Cisco NDFC
(formerly DCNM)
Target APIC release(s):
Target Cloud Network Controller release(s):
Target NDFC/DCNM release(s):
Services will be deployed in Cisco Nexus Dashboard
in Cisco ASE

* Directly means using the fabric controller's UI. For DCNM fabrics, you may need additional compute nodes. For more information, such as how many compute nodes are required, see the applications' Release Notes.
Cisco ASE Release:
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