Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice: FN - 61866 - ONS 15454-XC-VT Bad Lot Due to Defective Oscillator

Revised July 10, 2006
May 06, 2005

Products Affected

Product Top Assembly
15454-XC-VT =
15454-XC-VT =

Serial Numbers

Random #
CAT0852006F CAT0852003R CAT0852007D CAT0852008L CAT0852008M CAT0852008N CAT0852007E CAT08520006 CAT0852008P CAT08520083 CAT0852003S CAT0852007C CAT08520076 CAT0852007A CAT0852007Z CAT0852007Y CAT0852007B CAT08520078 CAT0852003W CAT08520079 CAT0852000A CAT0852006D CAT08520007 CAT0852006E CAT08520043 CAT0852003U CAT0852003T CAT08520069 CAT08520077 CAT0852008K CAT08520075 CAT0852003V CAT08520008 CAT08520082 CAT08520081 CAT0852008E CAT0852008F CAT0852008G CAT0852008H CAT0852008J CAT0852008A CAT08520089 CAT0852007L CAT08520088 CAT0852007W CAT08520087 CAT08520086 CAT08520084 CAT0852007F CAT08520085 CAT08520080 CAT08520044 CAT0852007G CAT0852007J CAT0852007H CAT0852007K CAT0852009M CAT0852007X CAT0852000R CAT0852007V CAT0852001R CAT0852007U CAT0852006S CAT0852006R CAT0852006Q CAT0852006K CAT0852006L CAT0852006M CAT0852006N CAT0852006P CAT08520073 CAT0852006U CAT08520068 CAT0852006Y CAT0852001W CAT0852006Z CAT08520070 CAT08520071 CAT08520072 CAT0852006V CAT08520063 CAT0852006X CAT0852006W CAT08520062 CAT08520035 CAT08520065 CAT08520064 CAT08520066 CAT08520067 CAT0852002F CAT08520036 CAT0852002E CAT0852002D CAT0852002C CAT0852002B CAT0852002A CAT08520029 CAT08520034 CAT08520033 CAT08520032 CAT08520031 CAT08520030 CAT08520038 CAT0852002Z CAT0852002Y CAT0852002X CAT0852002V CAT0852002W CAT08520037 CAT08520028 CAT08520047 CAT08520048 CAT0852004V CAT08520049 CAT0852004A CAT0852004B CAT0852004C CAT0852004D CAT0852004E CAT0852004F CAT0852004G CAT08520039 CAT0852003A CAT0852003B CAT0852003C CAT0852003E CAT0852003D CAT0852005K CAT08520042 CAT0852003Y CAT0852003Z CAT0852004S CAT0852004T CAT0852004U CAT0852005A CAT0852005B CAT0852001Q CAT0852005C CAT08520040 CAT0852005D CAT0852005E CAT0852005F CAT08520041 CAT08520027 CAT08520026 CAT08520025 CAT08520023 CAT0852005H CAT0852005G CAT0852003X CAT0852001D CAT0852005J CAT0852001Z CAT08520020 CAT08520001 CAT08520002 CAT08520003 CAT08520004 CAT08520005 CAT0852000E CAT08520024 CAT0852000F CAT0852000G CAT0852003Q CAT0852002U CAT0852003P CAT0852003N CAT0852002T CAT0852002P CAT0852009U CAT0852009T CAT0852007M CAT0852007N CAT0852007P CAT0852007Q CAT0852009P CAT0852009V CAT0852009R CAT08520022 CAT08520021 CAT0852009N CAT0852009L CAT0852009Q CAT0852008Y CAT0852008X CAT0852008W CAT0852008Z CAT0852008V CAT0852008U CAT0852008R CAT0852008S CAT0852008T CAT0852008Q CAT0852007T CAT0852007S CAT0852007R CAT0852002N CAT0852002M CAT0852002L CAT0852002K CAT0852002R CAT0852002Q CAT0852002S CAT0852002J CAT0852002H CAT0852002G CAT08520074 CAT08520099 CAT08520098 CAT08520097 CAT08520096 CAT08520095 CAT08520094 CAT08520093 CAT08520092 CAT08520091 CAT08520090 CAT0852009K CAT0852009J CAT0852009H CAT0852009G CAT085200A4 CAT0852009F CAT0852009E CAT0852009D CAT0852009A CAT0852009B CAT0852009C CAT085200A2 CAT085200A3 CAT085200A5 CAT085200A1 CAT0852009Z CAT0852009W CAT0852009X CAT0852009Y CAT085200AF CAT085200AE CAT085200AD CAT085200AC CAT085200AB CAT085200AA CAT085200A9 CAT085200AG CAT085200AJ CAT0852008C CAT085200AH CAT0852008B CAT085200AL CAT085200AK CAT0852008D CAT085200A8 CAT085200A0 CAT085200A7 CAT085200A6 CAT0852006G CAT0852006H CAT0852006J CAT0852006C CAT0852006B CAT0852006T CAT0852009S CAT0852006A CAT08520009 CAT0852000C CAT0852000D CAT0852005R CAT0852005Q CAT0852005P CAT0852005N CAT0852005M CAT0852005L CAT08520058 CAT08520057 CAT08520056 CAT0852003M CAT0852000B CAT0852003L CAT0852003K CAT0852003J CAT0852003H CAT0852003G CAT08520059 CAT0852000J CAT08520045 CAT08520046 CAT0852004R CAT0852003F CAT0852004Q CAT0852004P CAT0852004J CAT0852004K CAT0852004L CAT0852000H CAT0852005V CAT0852004N CAT0852004H CAT0852005Z CAT0852005U CAT0852005X CAT0852005T CAT0852005S CAT0852004M CAT0852005W CAT08520061 CAT08520054 CAT08520055 CAT08520053 CAT08520052 CAT08520051 CAT0852004Y CAT0852004X CAT0852004W CAT0852004Z CAT08520050 CAT0852001C CAT0852000L CAT0852000M CAT08520060 CAT0852000S CAT0852000T CAT0852000U CAT0852000Z CAT08520010 CAT08520011 CAT0852005Y CAT08520018 CAT0852000X CAT0852000K CAT0852000Y CAT0852001H CAT08520013 CAT08520012 CAT0852001G CAT08520014 CAT0852001F CAT0852000N CAT0852000P CAT0852000Q CAT0852001M CAT0852001L CAT0852001K CAT0852001P CAT0852001J CAT0852001E CAT08520019 CAT0852001A CAT0852001B CAT08520015 CAT08520016 CAT08520017 CAT0852001N CAT0852001V CAT0852001Y CAT0852001X CAT0852001U CAT0852001T CAT0852000V CAT0852001S CAT0852000W CAT0842002S CAT0842002T CAT0842003E CAT0842002U CAT0842003D CAT0842003C CAT08420085 CAT08420086 CAT08420087 CAT08420088 CAT08420089 CAT0842008A CAT0842008B CAT0842008C CAT0842008D CAT0842008E CAT0842002V CAT08420081 CAT08420082 CAT08420083 CAT08420084 CAT0842007X CAT0842007Y CAT0842007Z CAT08420080 CAT0842007V CAT0842007N CAT0842003F CAT0842002R CAT0842001F CAT08420078 CAT08420077 CAT0842006A CAT0842006B CAT08420067 CAT08420066 CAT08420068 CAT08420069 CAT0842006C CAT0842004V CAT0842004M CAT0842004W CAT0842004P CAT0842004N CAT0842006K CAT0842006Y CAT08420095 CAT0842006V CAT0842006W CAT0842007U CAT08420094 CAT08420098 CAT08420093 CAT0842006L CAT0842006F CAT0842009A CAT0842006D CAT0842006E CAT0842008Y CAT0842006G CAT0842006H CAT0842008F CAT0842006U CAT0842006X CAT0842008Q CAT0842006N CAT0842006J CAT08420091 CAT08420092 CAT0842006M CAT0842008S CAT0842008W CAT0842008X CAT0842002Z CAT08420096 CAT0842008V CAT0842008U CAT0842008T CAT0842007W CAT0842008N CAT0842008P CAT0842008M CAT0842008L CAT0842008J CAT0842008R CAT0842008K CAT0842008H CAT0842008G CAT0842007P CAT08420030 CAT0842002X CAT0842002W CAT0842008Z CAT0842002Y CAT0842009X CAT084200A0 CAT084200A4 CAT084200A1 CAT0842009T CAT0842009P CAT084200AD CAT0842009Y CAT0842009Z CAT0842009U CAT0842009W CAT0842009M CAT0842009V CAT084200A2 CAT0842009N CAT084200AG CAT084200AE CAT084200A3 CAT0842009R CAT0842009Q CAT084200A5 CAT084200A6 CAT084200AF CAT0842009C CAT084200AC CAT084200A7 CAT084200AB CAT084200AA CAT084200A8 CAT084200A9 CAT0842009B CAT0842009G CAT0842009H CAT0842009L CAT0842009J CAT0842009K CAT0842009F CAT0842009E CAT0842009D CAT0842009S CAT0842007S CAT0842006Q CAT0842006T CAT0842006P CAT0842006R CAT08420097 CAT08420099 CAT0842006S CAT0842007T CAT08420090

Problem Description

The Oscillator shows signs of a possibility of failure when operating at extreme temperature conditions of -10C ambient and below.


Failures have only been seen in the Lab at extreme temperature conditions of -10C ambient and below.

There have been no reported field failures.

Problem Symptoms

Traffic loss, out of frame (OOF) and severe bit errors.

Switching Matrix Failure Alarm, reported by both line card and XCVT.

Interconnect Equipment Failure Alarm (reported by line cards) against the bus associated with the XCVT with suspect oscillator. For example working or protect.


There is no workaround or solution for the field.

Return the board for replacement.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

If the board was put into service:

  1. Open Cisco Transport Controller.
  2. From the Shelf View, select Inventory.
  3. From the Inventory tab, locate the 15454-XC-VT boards and compare the information from the Inventory tab against the Products Affected section above.

Click on image to see larger view.

If you are using TL1 commands.

1. >ACT-USER::
Compare the information from the TL1 inventory command against the Products Affected section above.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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