Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

ONS 15454E-E1-42 Power Reboot and High Switch Times Between the Working and Protect Cards

Revised September 1, 2004

August 15, 2003

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Problem Description

When 42 x VC12s are provisioned between two nodes and both nodes are power cycled, 10 percent of the time the E1-42 cards remain in an alarm state with an equipment failure alarm.

When the functional E1-42 within a 1:N protection scheme is pulled, high switch times can be observed.


The equipment failure alarm was noticed in the lab after power cycle.

The lab noticed high switch times of working and protect cards. This can take longer than 60 milliseconds (ms) but less than 120 ms.

Problem Symptoms

When 42 x VC12s are provisioned between two nodes and both nodes are power cycled, the E1-42 card on one of the nodes comes up 10 percent of the time, after the node stabilizes and all other traffic is restored, with an equipment failure alarm. All 42 x VC12 traffic is then lost and does not recover.

The switch time of an E1-42 1:N protection switch, triggered by pulling the working E1-42 card, can take longer than 60 ms (120 ms maximum).


There is no field workaround for either of these two problems. Complete an RMA for a new revision of the card.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

800-19259-01 Rev A0

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