Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice: 15454-FTA2= and 15454-FTA3-T= Product Recall

Revised March 8, 2004

January 13, 2003

Products Affected


Top Assembly

HW Rev.

Part Number










Problem Description

Due to a defect introduced in the manufacturing process between production weeks 46 and 49, any 15454-FTA2= or 15454-FTA3-T= built in this period has a high probability of failure (approximately 30 percent of build). These failures may not happen immediately, but the product will eventually fail if this defect is present. This failure is caused by reverse polarity on the capacitor located at C2 on the Fan Tray Assembly Fan Control Board (FCB).


This issue was introduced in the factory during weeks 46-49 of production at Cisco manufacturing. Week 48 was the week of Thanksgiving and no units were produced. The issue stems from a reversed capacitor at location C2. The defect was detected and corrective action was taken within the manufacturing line to eliminate this issue, starting with week 50 of production. All product that was built prior to and after weeks 46-49 of production are believed to be free from this defect. There were a number of boards from this production lot that were identified prior to shipment. For a list of serial numbers from this range that are not affected, see the How To Identify Hardware Levels section of this document.

Problem Symptoms

The reversed cap eventually causes the fans to intermittently oscillate or stop completely. This should be indicated by a FAN alarm within CTC and a Critical Alarm on the NE itself.


There is no workaround for this defect. As a result of this defect all affected assemblies eventually fail. If you have products listed in this field notice that match the serial number pattern and are not listed in the list of screened parts, contact Cisco Technical Support to initiate a return materials authorization (RMA).

How To Identify Hardware Levels

Note:? Only production weeks 46-49 are affected. Units that do not match the serial number pattern below or are included in the screened materials list are not affected and should not be returned.

Currently, the range of affected serial numbers matches one of the patterns below. The boldfaced text identifies the year and week that the product was assembled by the Cisco manufacturing team and should be used to screen your inventory to identify units that require replacement.

In addition, any products that are returned to Cisco will be marked with a sticker labeled "0103" (located next to the products TAN: either 800-07145-04 or 800-21448-02). If your FTA has been reworked, this sticker is present and no additional rework is required for this issue.

Affected serial numbers:

  • S M A 0 6 4 6 # # # #

  • S M A 0 6 4 7 # # # #

  • S M A 0 6 4 9 # # # #

Note:?Week 48 was Thanksgiving. The production line was closed.

If you find a serial number that matches the patterns above, return this product for immediate replacement.

The Version and Revision information is viewable with use of the Inventory Screen within CTC.


These serial numbers from the affected production weeks (46-49) have been screened and are not affected by this issue:

Screened 15454-FTA3-T=

SMA06476109, SMA06476115, SMA06476134, SMA06476138, SMA06476149, SMA06476151, SMA06476154, SMA06476161, SMA06476169, SMA06476171, SMA06476174, SMA06476175, SMA06476182, SMA06476185, SMA06476208, SMA06476215, SMA06476218, SMA06476251, SMA06476267, SMA06476268, SMA06476273, SMA06493001, SMA06493003, SMA06493004, SMA06493005, SMA06493006, SMA06493007, SMA06493008, SMA06493009, SMA06493010, SMA06493011, SMA06493012, SMA06493013, SMA06493014, SMA06493015, SMA06493016, SMA06493017, SMA06493018, SMA06493019, SMA06493020, SMA06493022, SMA06496003, SMA06496006, SMA06496008, SMA06496009, SMA06496010, SMA06496011, SMA06496016, SMA06496017, SMA06496018, SMA06496024, SMA06496027, SMA06496028, SMA06496031, SMA06496034, SMA06496037, SMA06496044, SMA06496046, SMA06496051, SMA06496052, SMA06496059, SMA06496063, SMA06496065, SMA06496074, SMA06496082, SMA06496098, SMA06496099, SMA06496100, SMA06496101, SMA06496102, SMA06496103, SMA06496104, SMA06496105, SMA06496106, SMA06496107, SMA06496108, SMA06496109, SMA06496110, SMA06496111, SMA06496112, SMA06496113, SMA06496114, SMA06496115, SMA06496116, SMA06496117, SMA06496118, SMA06496119, SMA06496120, SMA06496121, SMA06496122, SMA06496123, SMA06496124, SMA06496125, SMA06496126, SMA06496127, SMA06496128, SMA06496129, SMA06496130, SMA06496131, SMA06496132, SMA06496133, SMA06496134, SMA06496135, SMA06496136, SMA06496137, SMA06496138, SMA06496139, SMA06496140, SMA06496141, SMA06496142, SMA06496143, SMA06496144, SMA06496145, SMA06496146, SMA06496147, SMA06496148, SMA06496149, SMA06496150, SMA06496151, SMA06496152, SMA06496153, SMA06496154, SMA06496155, SMA06496156, SMA06496157, SMA06496158, SMA06496159, SMA06496160, SMA06496161, SMA06496162, SMA06496163, SMA06496164, SMA06496165, SMA06496166, SMA06496167, SMA06496168, SMA06496169, SMA06496170, SMA06496171, SMA06496172, SMA06496173, SMA06496174, SMA06496175, SMA06496176, SMA06496177, SMA06496178, SMA06496179, SMA06496180, SMA06496181, SMA06496182, SMA06496183, SMA06496184, SMA06496185, SMA06496186, SMA06496187, SMA06496188, SMA06496189, SMA06496190, SMA06496191, SMA06496192, SMA06496193, SMA06496194, SMA06496195, SMA06496196, SMA06496197, SMA06496198, SMA06496199, SMA06496200, SMA06496201, SMA06496202, SMA06496203, SMA06496204, SMA06496205, SMA06496206, SMA06496207, SMA06496208, SMA06496209, SMA06496210, SMA06496211, SMA06496212, SMA06496213, SMA06496214, SMA06496215, SMA06496216, SMA06496217, SMA06496218, SMA06496219, SMA06496220, SMA06496221, SMA06496222, SMA06496223, SMA06496224, SMA06496225, SMA06496226, SMA06496227, SMA06496228, SMA06496229, SMA06496230, SMA06496231, SMA06496232, SMA06496233, SMA06496234, SMA06496235, SMA06496236, SMA06496237, SMA06496238, SMA06496239, SMA06496240, SMA06496241, SMA06496242, SMA06496243, SMA06496244, SMA06496245, SMA06496246, SMA06496247, SMA06496248, SMA06496249, SMA06496250, SMA06496251, SMA06496252, SMA06496253, SMA06496254, SMA06496255, SMA06496256, SMA06496257, SMA06496258, SMA06496259, SMA06496260, SMA06496261, SMA06496262, SMA06496263, SMA06496264, SMA06496265, SMA06496266, SMA06496267, SMA06496268, SMA06496269, SMA06496270, SMA06496271, SMA06496272, SMA06496273, SMA06496274, SMA06496275, SMA06496276, SMA06496277, SMA06496278, SMA06496279, SMA06496280, SMA06496281, SMA06496282, SMA06496283, SMA06496284

Screened 15454-FTA2=

SMA06463007, SMA06463009, SMA06473001, SMA06473002, SMA06473003, SMA06473006, SMA06473008, SMA06473009, SMA06473010, SMA06473012, SMA06473013, SMA06473014, SMA06473016, SMA06473017, SMA06473018, SMA06473019, SMA06473020, SMA06473021, SMA06473022, SMA06473023, SMA06473026, SMA06473027, SMA06473028, SMA06473030, SMA06473031, SMA06473032, SMA06473034, SMA06473035, SMA06473036, SMA06473037, SMA06473042, SMA06473043, SMA06473044, SMA06473045, SMA06473046

Any 15454-FTA2= or 15454-FTA3-T= marked with a sticker "0103" (located next to the product 800 number) has been reworked and does not require additional rework for this issue.

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If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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