Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice: FN - 62152 - ONS 15454 Deploying CTC Release 4.0.0 through Release 5.0.2 with a TCC2

Revised August 11, 2005

August 4, 2005

Products Affected

  • 15454 - 15454-TCC2=

Problem Description

In less than 0.02% of cases, a MFGMEM alarm is raised incorrectly against the backplane (BP) on an ONS 15454 node using the 15454-SA-HD (high density) or 15454-SA-ANSI chassis with TCC2 cards. The alarm is raised due to the inability of the TCC2 card to correctly read the EEPROM. In Release 5.0.2, when using the TCC2 in combination with the 15454-SA-HD, and the DS3/EC1-48 card, failure of the TCC2 to correctly read the EEPROM can cause a loss of traffic.

This issue has not been seen with the TCC/TCC+/TCC2P


The scenario can occur because, while using the ONS 15454 high density (HD) shelf, the inability to read the EEPROM correctly leads the TCC2 to incorrectly identify the shelf as an ONS 15454 ANSI shelf, and, in Release 5.0.2, when using DS3/EC1-48 cards, this may result in the DS3/EC1-48 cards being deleted from the database. This aspect of the issue only occurs in Release 5.0.2. The alarm itself is not service affecting in releases prior to Release 5.0. This issue is attributed to a failure to check and verify the correct content in the EEPROM. This issue is most likely to occur during turn-up of a new node. The issue can also occur if a new TCC2 is installed in the shelf, or during a first switchover operation. This issue can be tracked using DDTS CSCei37835.

Problem Symptoms

This issue is most likely to occur during turn-up of a new node. This issue can also occur during the first switchover operation. Less than 0.02% of nodes in this configuration are known to be affected.


Cisco recommends upgrading to Release 5.0.4 if you deploy the DS3/EC1-48 to avoid this issue. To recover from this issue, side switch the affected TCC2 back to the protect card. If the issue persists, call the Cisco TAC. This issue is resolved in Releases 5.0.4, 5.0.5, and 6.0.


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CSCei37835 (registered customers only)


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