Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches

Catalyst 4500-E 7 and 10 Slot Redundant Bundles Software Support

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Q. What are the new Catalyst 4500-E redundant bundles?
A. Two new redundant chassis bundles based on the Catalyst 4507R-E and the Catalyst 4510R-E
The seven slot bundle WS-C4507RES6L-96V+ is available immediately. The 10-slot bundle, WS-C4510RES6-96V+ will be available at the end of March CY2010
The Catalyst 4507R-E bundle,(WS-C4507RES6L-96V+) is shown in diagram number 1. The bundle includes the following configuration:

• Supervisor6L-E (WS-X45-SUP6L-E)

• Two E-Series 10/100/1000 PoEP cards, (WS-x4648-RJ45V+E)

• LAN Base software package

Figure 1. Catalyst 4507R-E Bundle

Catalyst 4510R-E bundle (WS-C4510RES6-96V+) is shown in diagram number 2. This bundle includes the following configuration

• Supervisor6-E, (WS-X45-SUP6-E )

• Two E-Series 10/100/1000 PoEP cards, WS-x4648-RJ45V+E

• LAN Base software package

Figure 2. Catalyst 4510R-e Bundle

Q. Which IOS software package comes with the bundles?
A. LAN Base is the default IOS software package with the bundles.
Q. How do I upgrade the software package from LAN Base?
A. There are three different upgrade options, you can move to the IP Base package by purchasing the upgrade SKU, S45EIPBU-12253SG=, current list price $10,000. At a later date your customer may decide to move to the Enterprise Services package, in a `pay as you grow' model , the customer would simply have to purchase the Enterprise Services image, S45EES-12253SG current list $9,995. It is possible to move directly to the Enterprise Services package from the LAN Base package by purchasing the SKU, S45EESU-12253SG=, current list price $20,000. Please note upgrade SKUs with SSH are also available, S45EESUK9-12253SG=, S45EESK9-12253SG and S45EIPBUK9-12253SG=.
Q. Does the Supervisor 6L-E support the Enterprise services package?
A. Yes. Starting from IOS release 12.2(53)SG2, FCS March CY2010, the supervisor 6L-E supports the Enterprise Services package. Table 1 compares some of the key differences between the Supervisor 6L-E and the Supervisor 6-E . Supervisor data sheets with complete details of supervisors are available at this location

Table 1. Supervisor 6E and 6L-E Comparison


Supervisor 6L-E

Supervisor 6-E

Switch Fabric Capacity


250 Mpps

Number of Routes



Active redundant 10G uplinks



ACL Entries



Chassis Support

3,6 & 7R-E Chassis

3,6,7R-E and 10R-E Chassis

Q. Does the Supervisor 6-E now support LAN Base Image ?
A. Yes. From IOS release 12.2(53)SG2, FCS March CY2010, the LAN Base image will be supported on the Supervisor 6-E in the new 4510R-E bundle configuration only.
Q. Is it possible to enable the 10 GigabitEthernet uplinks and remain on the LAN Base software package ?
A. Yes, please use the following upgrade SKU, WS-C4500-10G-LIC current list price $4,000, to enable the 10GE uplink uplinks.
Q. What are the differences between the software packages, LAN Base, IP Base and Enterprise Services?
A. The LAN Base package has many Layer Two features however certain features are only available in the higher software packages. Along with these features basic IP routing is available in the IP Base image. The Enterprise image has full Layer Three support. This following diagram number 3 presents some of the key features in each package. For complete details of feature support please visit Table 1 of the Catalyst 4500 release notes: - wp2171354

Table 2. Some key features in each software package

Q. For a future upgrade of the bundle with a secondary Supervisor with IP BASE IOS image, is there a requirement to purchase the IP Base upgrade SKU S45EIPBU-12253SG= to bring the entire system to IP BASE entitlement?
A. No. The secondary Supervisor with IP Base image becomes the primary Supervisor for the System, which goes from LAN BASE entitlement to IP BASE entitlement
Q. Can I purchase the ISSU license with the bundle if I buy a second or a redundant Supervisor?
A. Yes. Because there are 48 ports of PoE in the bundle, it qualifies for the free ISSU license promotion, FR-LIC-POE. The ISSU license will be added to all bundle orders that includes a redundant Supervisor at zero dollar cost.