Improve Operations and Manufacturing Agility

Manufacturers face a number of important business imperatives that can be addressed by cloud computing. The areas with the most pressing needs include:

  • Operational and cost productivity - globally scaling scarce resources, while solving problems faster
  • Growth and innovation - bringing new ideas to market faster than the competition
  • Customer experience - providing new services in support of customer service
  • Risk management protecting intellectual property and mitigating global disruptions to supply chains
  • Green initiatives - ever increasing demands to reduce energy use and environmental impact

How Cisco Can Help

Cisco has years of experience working closely with leading manufacturers, and understanding these needs. In response, Cisco has built a collection of network, security, and management best practices for deploying successful computing environments. Cisco Cloud is an end-to-end framework to build, manage and connect cloud networks, and help companies quickly realize the benefits of cloud computing. Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network architecture and validated network designs have been successfully deployed and tested in Cisco labs.

Improving the Supply Chain

Agile manufacturers already know that providing on-demand capacity can increase profits and help them win new business contracts. Cloud computing brings the power of virtualization and automation to the whole manufacturing supply chain. Manufacturers can dynamically add new resources for a particular project without having to make incremental investments in hardware and manpower.

Cisco Cloud can help you keep up with consumer demands while maintaining security, simplifying operations, cutting costs, and increasing manufacturing agility.

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