​​​​Person holding a tablet and pointing to a large screen with a Webex video conference attended by hybrid workers.​​ 

Hybrid workplace solutions

Better workspace. Better workplace.

Explore the building blocks of a smart hybrid workplace.

A network that connects your team and your goals

Bring your team, and your goals, together. Unlock the power of your hybrid workplace. 


Connect faster and easier with our solutions. Save on costs, reduce risks, and get customized plan designs—all with implementation support.


Make your buildings as smart as your digital assets with intuitive, web-based controls and dashboards. 


Prioritize collaboration with inclusive video experiences across all space types—from anywhere at any time. 

96 %

Eager for intelligent workplace technology

In a recent hybrid workplace survey by Dimensional Research, nearly all leaders and knowledge workers surveyed want to improve their work environments with intelligent workplace technology.

Cisco's PENN1: A smart building and hybrid work success story

Explore Cisco's PENN 1 office in New York City, a state-of-the-art hybrid workplace that combines flexibility and well-being to drive productivity, innovation, and collaboration. 

Hybrid place technology, including an illustration of Cisco Spaces, Webex video conferencing, and Meraki hardware

The future of work is wherever you choose to work

Cisco workspaces make it easier to connect from anywhere.

Unlock the power of your hybrid team

Cisco Spaces

Use data and insights from your physical space to create a safer, smarter, more functional environment for all.​

Webex by Cisco

Make the office worth the commute with Cisco collaboration devices. 

Cisco Access Networking

Access networking means simpler IT operations. For everyone.

Cisco Meraki

Cloud-first technology creates a better experience. Less buffering, more doing. 

​​Cisco's PENN 1, New York hybrid workplace​

Spaces designed to make hybrid work, work smarter

Get an inside look at how we created an inclusive employee experience at PENN 1. From furniture design to technology,  sustainability, and beyond.

Meeting space laid out with technology and furnishings, together depicting an optimal hybrid work experience.

Build your hybrid workplace

​​Get access to our design guides, which bring space layout, technology, and furnishings together for an optimal hybrid work experience.​

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Cisco Capital

Make the most of your budget

Discover our flexible payment options.

Cisco Services

Fine-tune your hybrid work solutions

Optimize your IT infrastructure with help from our experts. 

Flexible workspaces built for your teams

​​Hybrid work requires a strategic approach and the right technology to keep people happy and productive. We'll walk you through every step to help you make the right choices for your business needs.​