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Updated:July 8, 2022

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Updated:July 8, 2022


Webex Room Navigator

Transform your workplace with simple and intelligent experiences while eliminating the friction from the employee journey. The wall-mount Webex Room Navigator touch panel is designed to bring ease and convenience into modern workspaces by providing instant access to conference controls, smart room booking, room controls and your go-to workplace applications.

Product overview

The wall-mount model of Webex Room Navigator is a 10-inch touch display that allows you to intuitively control your Webex collaboration devices. It helps you easily check workspace availability, book a meeting room, control room peripherals, and run third-party applications for wayfinding, space reservation, digital signage and other workspace experience workflows.

This touch-based unit was designed to create uninterrupted workflows and help maximize the utilization of your collaboration spaces while delivering these experiences in a way that is scalable, secure and easy to manage.

Webex Room Navigator for wall is a versatile device that combines controls, an intuitive display and sensors into an elegant touch panel. It can be easily mounted on glass, dry and concrete walls and adapts well to different workspace use cases. It can be either configured as a control device within meeting rooms with less table space (then behaving like its table stand counterpart) or serve as a vendor-independent room booking and scheduling display outside the meeting room.

Webex Room Navigator unit mounted on glass wall showing meeting room availability

Figure 1.               

Webex Room Navigator unit mounted on glass wall showing meeting room availability

The Room Navigator is designed to be within the reach of people with disabilities and comes with a 15-degree viewing angle to be mounted low and usable by anyone. When activated, a multicolor 360° LED shows room availability status, so that your employees can instantly see at a distance if the room is being used or ready to be reserved.

You only need a single Ethernet cable to power the device and access the network. Webex Room Navigator can be connected directly to a Webex video device or remotely paired to it when plugged on a PoE network.

Features and benefits

The Webex Room Navigator offers room intelligence in a box, bringing efficiency, usability and aesthetics to your workspaces. Recognized in the Red Dot Design Awards, this room panel delivers smooth integration with collaboration endpoints and third-party applications, unmatched room intelligence, and UI consistency in a cost-effective, scalable and simple way.

It unlocks the best combination of user centric design, purpose-built hardware, native software and an open approach to integration out of the box to help you transform your physical workspaces.

Webex Room Navigator is a competitive, feature-rich and highly flexible solution that can be used either that can be used either as a room and conference control panel or a dedicated scheduling display, has a robust device management platform, and offers rich sensor data that supports creating a safer and optimized workspace environment.

Webex Room Navigator mounted on glass wall, displaying room availability and allowing for instant room booking

Figure 2.               

Webex Room Navigator mounted on glass wall, displaying room availability and allowing for instant room booking

It can be configured to run third-party applications to help you protect your existing workspace management and room booking investments. With the Room Navigator, you can experience frictionless meetings, effortless space reservation, and streamlined room and device integrations.

Webex Room Navigator deployed as room scheduling display

Figure 3.               

Webex Room Navigator deployed as room scheduling display

With the Webex approach to room controls and space reservation, you can significantly simplify your deployment, lower total cost of ownership and ease management efforts by leveraging a single vendor to provide platform agnostic video collaboration devices, the underlying meeting service, the room control hardware, and the associated room booking software solution.

Table 1.           Features and benefits



Room controls

  Brings intelligent room controls to Webex Room Series and Webex Board Series-enabled workspaces
  Optimized for an effortless user experience – from launching a video or audio conference with one button to push, controlling the camera and changing video layout, to sharing content, and viewing contact lists and directories
  The user interface can be configured by administrators to easily control other room peripherals such as lighting, blinds, room dividers, and curtains
  Macros offer smart customizations to extend the features and functionality available in Room Navigator, such as controlling light, blinds and room amenities or configuring “ghost meeting” release when no one shows up in a meeting

Room booking

  Can be configured as a room booking-only device, displaying room availability status and meeting details
  Enables seamless room booking, calendar view, meeting information and meeting extension with a few taps on the touch screen
  Offers Webex hybrid calendar synchronization
  A multicolor status LED with a 360° angle indicates room availability at a distance to help employees quickly identify an available room for ad-hoc meetings
  Beyond the native Webex room booking solution, Navigator can run third-party, persistent web apps for room booking from best-of-breed space reservation and workspace experience solution providers
  Webex native room booking is license-free when paired with a Webex room device

Workspace intelligence

  Room Navigator comes with embedded environmental sensors to track temperature, humidity, and air quality in the room.
  Allows facility managers to get a real-time health-check on their workspaces.
  Sensors monitor comfort and supplies you with actionable insights through Control Hub via
  APIs, so you can make interventions to improve employee wellbeing.
  Sensor data, alongside room occupancy and user behavior metrics, can be ingested to third-party analytics dashboards for workspace optimization and resource planning purposes

Third-party web applications

  Third-party mode: Room Navigator supports running persistent web applications to enable third-party experiences from Appspace, UMA, and other ecosystem partners
  Web apps running on Navigator get access to specific RoomOS APIs to build custom integrations for room booking, wayfinding, space reservation and digital signage.

Easy setup and management

  Room Navigator can be configured either as a room booking device, a room controller or in persistent web app mode – users can select from default options when it is booted for the first time or can configure the device for the desired use case anytime.
  Webex Room Navigator can be connected directly to a Webex video device or remotely paired to it when plugged on a PoE network.

Room Navigator is fully customizable: it can run on Webex or your go-to workspace applications from Appspace, UMA, and more

Figure 4.               

Room Navigator is fully customizable: it can run on Webex or your go-to workspace applications from Appspace, UMA, and more

Product specifications

Table 2.           Product specifications



Product compatibility

Webex Room Kit Series, Webex Room Series, Webex Room Panorama Series, Webex Board Series (Board S Series and Board Pro Series)

Software compatibility

CE 9.14.3 or later, or Webex Cloud

Call-control compatibility

Hosted: Controlled by codec, Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5.2 or newer, Webex Cloud

Cloud: Webex Cloud

Native Webex room booking

  Integrates with O365, Exchange and Google Calendar through Webex Hybrid Calendar service (requires Webex activation)
  Ad-hoc space reservation with a few taps
  Reserve a room in advance
  View all upcoming meetings from room calendar
  Extend your meetings
  Touchless booking inside the room with Webex Assistant
  Meeting reminders with single tap extension

Third-party web applications

Supports switching from native Webex software to external workplace experience solutions using persistent web applications for room booking, wayfinding, digital signage, and more.

Web apps running on Navigator get access to the meeting room sensors’ data and the Webex hybrid calendar to enhance custom integrations for wayfinding, room booking and digital signage.

Default components

Room Navigator touch panel, Wall mounting bracket, Sticker and template for wall mounting

Signaling protocols



  Capacitive touch LCD
  10.1-inch diagonal
  Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint


1920 x 1200




Measures temperature, humidity, and air quality (TVOC). This is combined with general noise, ambient noise, and reverberation time (RT60) for room acoustics originating from built-in sensors in the Webex video endpoints

Sensor values are accessible from Webex Room APIs, displayed on the Control Hub dashboard and can be extracted to third-party analytics and workspace management tools


Can be connected directly to a PoE-enabled network port on the Webex video device or paired remotely via LAN (IP)

Digital Signage

Configurable in Control Hub

Language support

English, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese-Brazilian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish; (depends on software version)

Physical dimensions
(H x L x D)

2.8 x 9.53 x 6.3 in. (6.9 x 24.2 x 16.4 cm)

Maximum height in vertical position 6.5 in (16.4 cm)

For more information, please consult the Webex Room Navigator CAD drawings

Physical dimensions (H x L x D)

Wall mounting

Integrated wall mounting works with all types of surfaces. Can be mounted on glass walls, brick walls or dry walls. 15° tilted angle allows for ergonomic use and accessibility.

Room availability LED

Multicolor, 360-degree viewable LED autoconfigured with red, orange and green. LED lights activated automatically via native or third-party room booking functionality.


2.03lb (0.920 kg)


Power over Ethernet (PoE) with RJ45

100-240VAC, 0.5A max, 50/60Hz


1x Ethernet (RJ-45) 100/1000 Mbps for LAN (external network) or direct pairing

1x microUSB (service port)

1x factory reset pinhole


  Secure management using HTTPS and SSH protocols
  Password protection for IP administration
  Standards-based media encryption on all back-ends (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol [SRTP], using AES-128-GCM or AES-256-GCM)
  Password protection to access administration
  Option to disable IP services
  Network settings protection
  Support for 802.1x authentication protocol (either when the device is paired directly or remotely with the video endpoint)


Room Navigator must be registered directly to a Webex device


  Centralized room and device management
  Workspace insights on a per workspace level and single dashboard for all workspaces
  Simple onboarding – PIN-based pairing with room device

Storage and transport temperature

-20°C to 60° (-4° to 140°F) at RH 10% to 90% (noncondensing)

Regulatory compliance & standards

  2014/30/EU (EMC Directive) and Directive 2014/35/EU (Low-Voltage Directive)
  Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
  Directive 2002/96/EU (WEEE)
  NRTL approved (product safety)
  EMC: EN 55032 - Class A, EN 55024
  Safety: EN 60950-1, EN 62479
  FCC CFR 47 Part 15B (EMC) – Class A

The list above reflects the regulations applicable at the time of publishing this document. For an updated list of regulations applicable, see the Product Approval Status Database for approval documents per country


Rear and side views of the Room Navigator

Figure 5.               

Rear and side views of the Room Navigator

Warranty information

Warranty information is available on Cisco.com at the Product Warranties page.

Ordering information

Webex Room Navigator devices are available as a part of an endpoint order and also as standalone units.

To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page and refer to Table 2. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

See individual endpoint data sheets for whether Room Navigator comes standard with product.

Table 3.           Ordering information




Webex Room Navigator (wall mount version)



Wall bracket, adhesive and plugs spare



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Reference links to information about key environmental sustainability topics (mentioned in the “Environment Sustainability” section of the CSR Report) are provided in the following table.

Table 4.           Environmental sustainability reference links



Information on product material content laws and regulations


Information on electronic waste laws and regulations, including products, batteries, and packaging

WEEE compliance

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