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Simplify Network Segmentation

See how Sanjiv and Maria try to keep their networks running smoothly and safely. (3:05)

Simplify Your Network Security with Software-Defined Segmentation

Cisco TrustSec technology simplifies the provisioning of network access, accelerates security operations, and consistently enforces policy anywhere in the network. This scalable and agile segmentation technology is embedded in more than 40 switches, routers, wireless devices, and other Cisco products.


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Traffic classification is based on endpoint identity, not IP address. It is also not based on IP-based access control lists (ACLs), so policy changes don’t require network redesign.

Stop malicious actors from accessing your network and meet compliance goals more easily. Gain a network and security infrastructure that provides the following benefits:

Simplified Access Management

  • Control access to critical enterprise resources by business role, device type, and location, so policy changes can be made without redesigning the network
  • Easily manage access control and segmentation while maintaining compliance
  • Create and manage policies in an easy-to-use matrix

See how you can reduce PCI scope.

Consistent Policy Across the Network

  • Consistently enforce policies across the network and scale from mobile users to the data center.

Use the Cisco Identity Services Engine, our award-winning central policy management platform, to:

  • Gather advanced contextual data about who and what are accessing your network
  • Define role-based access using security group tags to segment your network
  • Enforce these policies across your Cisco TrustSec-enabled network devices

Learn how you can simplify segmentation and improve security.

Lower Operational Expenses

  • Limit the impact of data breaches and prevent the lateral movement of threats and compromised devices
  • Reduce the need for costly network re-architecture by automating firewall rules and access control list (ACL) administration
  • Easily comply with PCI audits and other compliance requirements using network segmentation

Forrester report: Boost IT security and lower costs

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Cisco TrustSec Economic Benefit Infographic

Reduces Operational Costs, Simplifies Security Engineering, and Increases Agility

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Building a Secure Data Center

BeachBody uses Cisco security to protect its data center and prepare for growth. (3:30 min)

Why It Chose Cisco

Cisco TrustSec Platform and Capability Matrix

Learn what platforms and features are validated with Cisco TrustSec technology.

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