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Better Together Cisco and AWS: Security & Visibility for the Modern Network

Digital transformation and the rapid adoption of cloud services, such as those offered by AWS, have made network health a crucial priority. While more systems, endpoints, and distribution of corporate assets across the globe provide organizations with more flexibility and efficiency, they also dramatically increase the volume of network traffic and the criticality of understanding the data traveling over the network. As customers migrate their applications and workloads from on-premises to cloud environments, visibility of the traffic can often be disjointed, making it difficult to detect network-based threats. Additionally, as businesses leverage the public cloud to increase capacity for remote workers, the need to know what resources are being accessed and by who becomes important. Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud provides scalable visibility and delivers secure network behavioral analysis across on-premises and AWS environments to help identify anomalous activity that could indicate a security threat. This self-learning security solution continually refines its behavioral models as it continuously monitors environments, ultimately improving its functionality and reducing the costs required for manual security checks and updates. In this webinar, we will show you how Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud supports the AWS well architected framework using network telemetry, including VPC flow logs, to provide valuable insights into your network and auditable visibility. We will also demonstrate how you can leverage the Cisco CSR 1000V for Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA). Speakers: - John Heintz, Global Systems Engineering Manager, Stealthwatch Cloud. Cisco Systems - Stefan Avgoustakis, Senior Solutions Architect, Security Specialist, APAC. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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