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Focus on rapidly identifying your most critical threats with Secure Network Analytics

Today, most companies use many different types of security solutions however, these technologies still leave dangerous gaps in visibility and protection. Secure Network Analytics is a behaviour-based system that fills in these gaps by analysing flow data to detect a wide range of cyber attacks and insider threats.

Cisco Secure Network Analytics takes a different approach to signature-based monitoring and uses a multitude of analytical techniques to detect advanced threats before they can turn into a breach. Using network behaviour analysis, it can pinpoint anomalies, which are further analysed using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning for high-fidelity threat detection.

This allows your security team to focus on the most critical threats. The analytics engine is also powered by the industry-leading Cisco Talos threat intelligence, that has the most up-to-date information for local-to-global threat correlation.

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