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APJC Virtual CISO Roundtable - Emerging Threats since COVID-19

There are events that occur which serve as a wakeup call or a change in what we have traditionally called normal.

Such events include the bombing of Pearl Harbor; the attacks on 9-11; and also include environmental and climatic changes such as earthquake, tsunami and environmental pollution. In the moment of these wakeup calls, we focus on recovery and getting things back in order as quickly as possible.

We often don't have the time or energy to consider the "What's Next" question that such an event or disaster will require. With the emergence of Covid-19 our primary focus has been to quickly adapt to the various requirements of working from home, social distancing and limited travel.

We are now just beginning to adjust to this new business as a usual model and as security professionals, we need to be looking a few steps ahead to ascertain what risks need to be addressed and what processes need to be adjusted or put in place - this is the what's next concept.

Over the next several weeks we will be discussing the following topics looking through the lens of changes this global pandemic has placed on our doorstep:

* Privacy

* Emerging and changing threats - perhaps reemergence of some old friends

* The new unemployed - many will be motivated to find quick cash

* Risks with social media

* Managing a remote workforce

In this session, learn more about Emerging Cyber Threats from Matt Valites, Threat Research Manager - Cisco Talos & Victor Keong Senior CISO / CSO Advisor APJC, Cisco.