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Cisco Multi-Cloud Security Tech Series 2: Cisco Multi-Cloud Security in Action

Cloud infrastructure is a growing target for cyberattacks because of available computing resources as well as being a repository of valuable data. Attackers have unlimited attempts and resources to be effective, so defenders have to win every time. This requires a strategy with depth in defense, immense visibility, rapid intelligence, and the ability to respond quickly and effectively. 2019 has been a year of staggering security breaches in the cloud, a trend that will only continue unless organizations make significant advancements in their security architecture. In this session, we will will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Key Security Use Cases and their aligned Architectural approach
  • Walkthrough: Cloud Visibility, Analytics and Security Posture
  • Walkthrough: Multi-Cloud Firewalling
  • Walkthrough: Application Segmentation
  • Walkthrough: Secure Cloud Interconnectivity

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