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COVID-19 Resurgence: Competency Relief

Beginning May 21, 2021 through November 21, 2021, we will not downgrade or remove any partner designation (Gold/Premier/Select Integrator or Provider, or any Specialization) for being out of compliance or penalize partners for not submitting to renew.  For the details read the announcement.

Partner Certifications

Show customers you can help them succeed

Select, Premier, and Gold partner certifications reflect the breadth of your skills across certain technologies. With their focus on hybrid IT and business transformation, certifications can help you increase profitability. Gaining certifications shows customers the areas in which you can help them become digital leaders. You can also gain Multinational and Global certifications.

News on benefits and incentives

Find program notifications

Filterable and searchable notifications keep you updated on the latest program changes and retirements, exam and audit updates, and process improvements.

Subscribe to customized news

View or subscribe to updates for partner admins and operations, or view and bookmark just the latest Cisco Partner Program updates.

Certification – Integrator benefits

Each certification level offers you a wealth of benefits, including incentives, digital marketing campaign assets, sales enablement, and recognition in the Partner Locator

How do individual career and specialist certifications relate to partner certifications and specializations?

Which level works best for you?

Each of the three primary levels of certification has its own benefits and requirements.

Select certification

Premier certification

Multinational Certification

Multinational Certification is automatically granted if you hold the required set of Gold and Premier certifications within one or more Cisco geographic subregions. It expands the reach of your Gold discount within every region for which you have Multinational Certification. You also are recognized as a Multinational Certified Partner in the Partner Locator.

Global Gold Certification

If your business spans the entire globe, our highest level of certification may be right for you.

How to get and keep a certification

Review the requirements to see that you qualify. Apply and agree to the terms and conditions. After achieving approval, ensure that you maintain the requirements. Renew your certification annually. (Partner admin must apply and renew).