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A secure network is a Cisco network

The threat landscape continues to evolve and become more sophisticated. To help gain the upper hand against attackers, explore the catalog of on-demand Cisco security webinars listed below. Register for upcoming live events and demos, or watch prerecorded webinars.

Upcoming webinars

5 tips to straighten up your VM program

Jon Oltsik, ESG senior principal analyst, will join our own Ed Bellis on July 21 to share the findings from ESG's latest security survey and reveal promising strategies for teams looking to straighten up their security posture.

SASE your way

The secure access service edge (SASE) model consolidates numerous networking and security functions—traditionally delivered in siloed point solutions—into a single, integrated cloud service. Watch our four-session series at your own pace.

CISO webinar series

View on-demand sessions now. 

Address threats at the application layer

Hear why current security strategies and solutions may be lacking.

An update from Cisco Talos

Craig Williams, Director of Cisco Talos Global Outreach, shares what's new on the threat landscape.

Market yourself as a CISO, part 1

Make sure others know about you, your role, and the function which you manage. 

Get your message across

Learn tips for speaking to the board of directors and other senior leaders.

Market yourself as a CISO, part 2

Learn how to become a master influencer. This webinar builds on the basics discussed in part 1.

All webinars

Video Product (s) Technology/Solution
Detect, Respond, Recover: Moving Toward Security Resilience Cisco Secure Thought Leadership
Security Success Academy Series Cisco Secure Thought Leadership
Defending Against Critical Threats Cisco Secure Thought Leadership
How to Maximize the Top Five Security Practices Cisco Secure Thought Leadership
Threat Spotlight Series, Episode 3 Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
Cisco Umbrella Coffee Hour with Cape Air Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
Protect against the #1 threat vector Secure Endpoint XDR
Know your networks and endpoints better Secure Endpoint XDR, Simplify Network Visibility and Segmentation
Secure Firewall and Secure Endpiont together Secure Endpoint XDR, Stop Threats Across Your Network
Umbrella and Secure Endpoint Secure Endpoint XDR, Umbrella
Reimagine endpoint security Secure Endpoint XDR
Defining the industry standard for XDR Secure Endpoint XDR
NERC CIP: How Can Power Utilities Secure Operations? Cyber Vision Industrial Security
The Journey Towards a Secure Industrial Network Cyber Vision Industrial Security
Detecting and Blocking Attacks to Industrial Networks Cyber Vision Industrial Security
Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Operations Cyber Vision Industrial Security
Cybersecurity for Water Utilities Cyber Vision Industrial Security
See it, Secure it: How to Gain Visibility into Industrial Control Networks? Cyber Vision Industrial Security
Zero Trust Security for Your Industrial Operations Cyber Vision Industrial Security
Umbrella and Forrester on Cloud Mailbox Defense Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
XDR and endpoint security Secure Endpoint XDR
Cisco Umbrella coffee hour with INEOS Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
Transforming IT security with SASE Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
Cloud security Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
Key cybersecurity trends in 2021 Umbrella Talos threat intelligence
Evolving to the SASE model Umbrella Threat-Centric Security
Threat Hunting Secure Endpoint Threat-Centric Security
Security outcomes study SecureX  
Integrating your security tech SecureX  
The Journey to SASE: Secure Access Service Edge Umbrella Threat-centric security, Umbrella
Cisco Umbrella Live Demo in Italiano Umbrella Threat-centric security, Umbrella
Back to Work: Cyber Security Checklist Umbrella Threat-centric security, Umbrella
Spanish Webinar: SASE, la convergencia de la seguridad y el networking en la nube Umbrella Threat-centric security
Cisco Umbrella Live Demo for Small Business Umbrella Threat-centric security
SecureX: Simplify your security (AMER/EMEAR) SecureX  
New ESG Research: The Emergence of Elastic Cloud Gateways as a Path Towards SASE Umbrella Threat-centric security, Umbrella
See and Protect Users and Endpoints Everywhere, with Cisco Umbrella and AMP Umbrella, AMP for Endpoints Umbrella, Threat-centric security,
AMP for endpoints
Cisco TV Live: Cloud Security Coffee Hour with CISO, Just Eat. Umbrella Threat-centric security
Threats landscape across Benelux - how to use DNS to prevent them Umbrella Threat-centric security
Cisco Umbrella Live Demo in Arabic Umbrella Threat-centric security
A Look into Cisco Umbrella's Secure Internet Gateway Umbrella Threat-centric security
Cisco Umbrella and Meraki - A match made in the cloud Umbrella and Meraki Threat-centric security
Effective Threat Investigations with Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud Umbrella, Secure Cloud Analytics Threat-centric security
Controlling chaos: Is your agency prepared for your next breach? AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) Threat Grid, Investigate, AMP for Endpoints, Incident readiness and response
UNC Pembroke achieves relentless breach defense with an integrated security approach AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) Threat Grid, Investigate, AMP for Endpoints, Incident readiness and response
Secure your remote workforce: Your questions answered WebEx  
Controlling chaos: breach defense in the real-world AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) Threat Grid, Investigate, AMP for Endpoints, Incident readiness and response
Cisco Security: Better Together with Cisco Threat Response SecureX threat response  
Talos summer threat briefing: Click with Caution Talos threat intelligence Cisco Talos threat intelligence
Spring Talos Quarterly Threat Briefing Talos threat intelligence Cisco Talos threat intelligence
Learn How Duo Can Secure Your Cisco AnyConnect VPN Secure Access by Duo Two-factor authentication
IPS Myths Debunked Secure IPS Simplify network visibility and segmentation

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