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Security Stories Podcast

Insights for security leaders, by security leaders

Discover the unique, inspiring, and often amusing stories behind what it takes to lead cybersecurity efforts in an organization. The Security Stories podcast features interviews with a diverse range of guests, each sharing their experiences for the benefit of others in the industry.

Latest episode

In Episode 38, the Security Stories team tries to outfox the Beers with Talos team. Using a live, game show format, we present "facts" about significant moments in our security careers—but who is telling the truth? To learn if we can sort fact from fiction, don't miss this special edition: "Would I lie to you? Security Stories versus Beers with Talos."

Previous episodes

37: The vision of what's at stake, with Dr. Kelley Misata

In Episode 37 our guest is Dr. Kelley Misata. Having survived years of cyberstalking, Kelley completed a PhD in information security and wrote her dissertation on the cybersecurity preparedness of nonprofits that work with victims of violence. She later set up her own nonprofit company, Sightline Security. This is her story. 

36: Falling into IT - standing up in Security, with Pam Lindemoen

In Episode 36 our guest is Pam Lindemoen, Advisory CISO at Cisco Secure and former Deputy CISO at Anthem Inc. In this thoughtful interview, learn about Pam's passion for championing women in IT, her approach to learning from mistakes and failure, as well as her top tips to ensure that security and risk can be understood across the entire business.

35: How to manage imposter syndrome, with Stuart Coulson

In Episode 35 our guest is Stuart Coulson, director at Hidden Text Ltd, where he uses the skill sets and knowledge borne of many years in the security industry to help others. In addition to discussing Stuart's career path in cybersecurity, we chat about managing social media as an infosec professional and how to deal with imposter syndrome.

About the hosts

Hazel Burton

Hazel is our chief interviewer and creates and edits each episode. She also contributes to Cisco's original research and security reports, when she's not on stage being an improv comedian.

Ben Nahorney

Ben is our threat intelligence analyst. Ben has weathered threat outbreaks reaching back to the early 2000s and helped develop and report on breaking research such as the Stuxnet virus.

Sana Yousuf

Sana is a security marketing leader responsible for a diverse set of threat-focused products and solutions that bring our security platform to life. She is also a diversity and inclusion evangelist and author of research reports.

Latest reports

Adjusting to Extraordinary Times

Our latest cybersecurity report features opinions and advice from 38 security leaders around the world. These experts share how they have adjusted their security programs this year and what they have learned from the process.

Defending against critical threats

Our new security magazine covers the most critical threats of the past year, featuring interviews with experts and research-driven investigations.