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Security Stories Podcast

Insights and advice by CISOs, for CISOs

Discover the unique, strange, and often hilarious stories behind what it takes to lead cybersecurity efforts in an organization. Security Stories is an interview-based podcast full of insights from those who are carving a path in this weird and wonderful industry.

Latest episode

In Episode 14 our guest is Chris Leach, Senior CISO Advisor for Cisco. After 30 years of running security and risk operations for a wide variety of organizations, Chris sits down with Hazel to talk about his journey and offer some insights into the life of a CISO, including how to combat the fear of failure and how to successfully challenge the status quo.

Previous episodes

13: Prime directives: Serving the public trust, protecting the innocent, and upholding security laws, with Tanya Forsheit

In Episode 13 our guest is Tanya Forsheit, one of the world's leading data privacy and security advisers and litigators. We consider what the future might hold for data privacy in the next year, within the context of COVID-19 and tracing apps. We also discuss data privacy as a fundamental human right.

12: Lifting others up: Stories of how we can help each other in cybersecurity

From eye-opening discussions on diversity issues in cybersecurity, to stories of how CISOs got their initial starts, our chief interviewer Hazel has edited together some of her favorite moments so far from the Security Stories podcast series

11: What to Expect When You're Electing: Election Security special, with Matt Olney and Steve Caimi

In Episode 11 the focus is on election security, and we are joined by Matt Olney, Director of Threat Intelligence and Interdiction at Cisco Talos, and Steve Caimi, U.S public sector cybersecurity expert. We discuss what Talos has learned about election security after four years of research and hands-on experience, and we share thoughts on where election security in the United States stands heading into November's general election.

About the hosts

Hazel Burton

Hazel is our chief interviewer and creates and edits each episode. She also contributes to Cisco's original research and security reports, when she's not on stage being an improv comedian.

Ben Nahorney

Ben is our threat intelligence analyst. Ben has weathered threat outbreaks reaching back to the early 2000s and helped develop and report on breaking research such as the Stuxnet virus.

Noureen Njoroge

Noureen is a passionate cybersecurity specialist, a global keynote speaker, and winner of the Cisco 2019 Cybersecurity Champion award. She also is listed among the Top 30 Most Admired Minority Professionals in Cybersecurity by SeQure World Magazine.

Adjusting to Extraordinary Times

Our latest cybersecurity report features opinions and advice from 38 security leaders around the world. These experts share how they have adjusted their security programs this year and what they have learned from the process.