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Threat Insights

These blog series take a look at today's top threats, trends, and the leading techniques to protect against them.


Examine the top threats that are seen and blocked by Cisco Secure Firewall.

Threat Explainer blogs

Our Threat Explainer series examines the core principles behind threats and provides a foundation upon which to build your knowledge.

Supply chain attacks

Learn how bad actors can target the companies you rely on in order to get at your organization.

RDP and the remote desktop

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is popular, but is it the best option for connecting to your company resources?

Remote work and the threat landscape

Attackers are adapting their techniques to target those working from home. Learn how to mount a better defense.

Credential dumping

Phishing and keylogging are just the beginning. Explore more techniques adversaries use to steal passwords and credentials.

Threat Protection blogs

Our Threat Protection series highlights particular threats and security issues and showcases how Cisco Secure can help protect your critical assets.

The REvil ransomware

We look under the hood of the headline-grabbing REvil ransomware and showcase how it goes about locking down a computer.

The WastedLocker ransomware

Learn more about how the WastedLocker ransomware works, and how Cisco Secure can protect you from it.