Threat Insights

Our series of blogs take a look at today’s top threats.

The myth of the long-tail vulnerability

A long-tail distribution of exploit attempts sounds reasonable. But is this how exploitation attempts really play out?

Threat Explainer blogs

Our Threat Explainer series examines the core principles behind threats and provides a foundation upon which to build your knowledge.

Explorations in the spam folder

We all know to look out for phishing emails, but sometimes these scams can catch us off guard.

Explorations in the spam folder:holiday edition

Learn all about the spam campaigns that are circulating this holiday season.

Supply chain attacks

Learn how bad actors can target the companies you rely on in order to get at your organization.

The future of ransomware: Inside Cisco Talos threat hunters

What are the steps you need to take to protect your organization from damaging ransomware attacks? Learn more in this behind-the-scenes interview with Cisco Talos experts.

Threat Protection blogs

Our Threat Protection series highlights particular threats and security issues and showcases how Cisco Secure can help protect your critical assets.

Find the 10 most critical vulnerabilities

Combine data from Cisco Vulnerability Management and Cisco Secure Firewall to uncover new insights.

The REvil ransomware

We look under the hood of the headline-grabbing REvil ransomware and showcase how it goes about locking down a computer.

The WastedLocker ransomware

Learn more about how the WastedLocker ransomware works, and how Cisco Secure can protect you from it.

ThreatWise TV blogs

This series runs alongside our ThreatWise TV narrative video series, going deeper into the topics covered in the episodes.

Recent IR trends

We take a look at the findings from the Q3 Talos Incident Response Trends report.