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Building Broadband Service Manager
Version 5.0
Version 5.1
Version 5.2
Version 5.3
BBSM Hotspot 1.0

Cisco Active Network Abstraction (CANA)
NOTE: Cisco Active Network Abstraction (ANA) is limited release product. Future updates, bug fixes and maintenance release information will be posted on this site. For further information on Cisco ANA, please contact your local Cisco account representative.

Cisco Broadband Access Center for Cable
Cisco Security Device Manager 1.0
The Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) is an intuitive, web-based device management tool embedded within the Cisco IOS access routers to simplify router and security configuration and monitoring.

Cisco Enhanced Device Interface
IDUBase   Routers
Switches   Access Points

Network Analysis and Planning
  • Cisco Application Analysis Solution
  • Cisco Configuration Assurance Solution
  • Cisco Network Planning Solution
Cisco Info Center
Cisco Network Registrar
CNR is a full-featured DNS/DHCP server product that provides automated naming and addressing services for IP networks.
Subscriber Edge Services Manager
Cisco Networking Services Notification Engine (C-NOTE)
Cisco VPN Solution Center

Cisco Multicast Manager
The upgrades for Cisco Multicast Manager include upgrades for Cisco Route Manager.

Cisco Signaling Gateway Manager
SGM is a network application that manages the value added features of an ITP based routed network.

Cisco Mobile Wireless Transport Manager
Tools designed to monitor and maintain mobile backhaul infrastructures

CiscoView Device Manager Software
Click here to download device-embedded CiscoView applications

Cisco Unified Operations Manager
Cisco Unified Service Monitor
Cisco WAN Manager (CWM)
Cisco Transport Gateway
CNS Access Registrar
CNS Identity Cache Engine
CNS HLR Proxy Server
Java Plug-Ins
NetFlow Applications Demo

CiscoWorks Software

Cisco Mobile Wireless Center for Cisco Mobile Exchange
MWC-Service Managers Suite and Cisco Mobile Wireless Fault Mediator

Cisco Network Management Toolkit
Cisco Network Management Toolkit including Cisco MIB files for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2, and product support lists.

Cisco Element Management Systems
Cisco 10000 Manager
Element Management System (EMS) for Cisco 10000 series routers.
Cisco 12000/10720 Router Manager
Cisco 7600 Router Manager
Cisco Catalyst Switch Manager
CEMF Patches for Deployed Software
The above link should be used for Service Provider deployments to download all CEMF patches released since May 2001.
CEMF - Cisco Element Management Framework
The above link should be used by EMS Developers to download all CEMF patches released since May 2001.
Cisco Element Management Framework
The above link should be used for all CEMF patches released before May 2001.This includes the following patches:
- CEMF 2.1.4 patches up to Patch 6
- CEMF 3.0.4 patches up to Patch 13
- CEMF 3.1 patches up to Patch 2
CEMF Strong Cryptographic Software

Extensible Provisioning and Operations Manager
Version 1.1
Version 1.3
  Version 1.5
Version 4.2
  Version 4.4
Version 4.5

Cisco License Manager
Cisco 7000 Series Manager
Cisco Catalyst 8500 Manager
Cisco Catalyst 8500 Manager is a Cisco element management system (EMS) for Cisco catalyst 8540 MSR, 8510 MSR, and LS-1010 devices.
Cisco DSL Manager
Cisco Media Gateway Controller Node Manager
Cisco Media Gateway Manager
Cisco Universal Gateway Manager
Cisco Universal Gateway Call Analyzer 1.0
Cisco Voice Services Provisioning Tool
IP Solution Center
Phần mềm quản lý mạng LAN
Phần mềm trợ giúp về mạng của Cisco (CNA)
Các sản phẩm quản lý mạng truyền thống
Phần mềm quản lý Cisco 6200
Cisco 6400 SCMOCD
Phần mềm quản lý kết nối dịch vụ Cisco 6400
Phần mềm quản lý Cisco 6500/7600
Phần mềm quản lý Cisco AccessPath
Phần mềm quản lý thiết bị định tuyến truy nhập của Cisco
Trung tâm truy nhập băng rộng của Cisco dành cho T1, DSL, VOIP, và gom lưu lượng băng rộng
Phần mềm truy tìm sự cố cáp của Cisco
Phần mềm ConfigMake của Cisco
Phần mềm Fast Step của Cisco dành cho các thiết bị dòng 700 của Cisco
Phần mềm LoopRunner 6100 của Cisco
Phần mềm quản lý trật tự mạng của Cisco
Trung tâm cung cấp của Cisco
Cài đặt thiết bị định tuyến qua web của Cisco
Phần mềm ViewRunner của Cisco
Công cụ định cấu hình bằng hình ảnh

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