Network Routers

Technology Overview

Learn how network routers are evolving into integrated services devices that provide greater functionality and enhanced security to companies of all sizes.

Network Routers

Delivering Integrated Services with Network Routers

Network routers are quickly evolving. They are no longer simple hardware devices that connect disparate networks. Network routers have become sophisticated devices capable of many functions beyond routing. More Cisco customers are now deploying network routers that can deliver integrated services and multiple applications, like voice, video, data and Internet access, and wireless.

Benefits of Network Routers with Integrated Services

Growing companies, especially those opening new offices, can take advantage of integrated services network routers that are highly secure, flexible, and compatible with future technologies. These network routers offer the benefits of:

  • One Device with Multiple Functions: Because technologies are built into or can be easily added to each network router, companies can install one sophisticated device, rather than purchase separate products to provide each individual function.
  • Same Access at Headquarters and Remote Sites: Integrated services network routers give all workers - even those at branch offices or remote sites - the same access to business applications, unified communications, and videoconferencing.
  • Centralized Management: Network routers with integrated services allow technical staff at headquarters to manage the network from a central location. This allows IT departments to allocate resources to priority projects and provide reliable service to employees in all locations.
  • Integrated Network Security: Through a systems approach, network routers that offer integrated services allow companies to transfer responsibility for security and reliability from individual computers and users to the network itself. This helps protect companies from the influx of viruses, malicious code, and other infections that end-user laptops might unknowingly acquire.

Network Router Rewards

Reduced capital expenditure, lower operating expenses, and increased productivity are common rewards of implementing network routers that integrate services. These advantages apply regardless of company size.


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