Does your strategic network roadmap lead to success? Take some tips from Gartner.

CIOs and IT leaders have to transform their networks to keep up
with their organizations’ fast-changing digital business goals.

Whats the urgency?

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

By YE20, CIOs anticipate that 78 percent of business processes will be affected by digital business opportunities and threats. 1



Gartner predicts there will be 63 million new devices attaching to enterprise networks per second in 2020. 1



The agility and elasticity associated with cloud computing are essential ingredients of digital business. 1



The number of digital devices connected to an enterprise network is increasing, due to bring-your-own-device policies and the IoT.1

Current Networks

So what’s wrong with current networks?


The network is a slow-moving part of the infrastructure, and in an era when digital business mandates faster reaction times.1


The number of IoT endpoints in use will exceed 24 billion units by 2020.1 However, the network infrastructure to support such vast demand is lagging.

Cloud ready

Unfortunately, today’s enterprise networks are not built with cloud computing in mind. Security concerns prevail.1

Mobile ready

Mobility inside and outside corporate walls is taken for granted, network boundaries are increasingly blurred, and network teams have less control but more responsibility.1

What does Gartner recommend for the future?

Business Alignment

Business alignment

The future-state network is an aspirational view of how enterprise network architectures should evolve to meet emerging business requirements and be more closely aligned with critical business objectives.1



Shift your security mind-set from “incident response” to “continuous response,” wherein systems are assumed to be compromised and require continuous monitoring and remediation.2



The network must become simpler, more agile, and more automated.

  • Continued movement toward software-based network solutions.
  • Automate service delivery as much as possible in all parts of the network.1


Develop a catalog of network services and anticipate new requirements for digital business, IoT, and cloud use cases.

  • Incremental adjustments are not sufficient to fulfill new requirements, so a significant cultural shift will be needed.1

This shift requires anticipating new directives—with a new
perspective—to power the future of digital business.

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