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Is Your Network Mission Ready?

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Offer customized transport to every application


Increased application diversity with specific transport requirements

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Traditional routing protocols are blind to applications and hence treat them the same way

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Customize the way your network transports applications based on their needs. Every network element is assigned different kinds of Segment Routing Identifiers (SIDs)


A prefix SID, which identifies the shortest-path to that network node, or


An adjacency SID, which identifies a local link to another network node

Using SIDs for Segment Routing is like building with an endless combination of blocks

To create a network path, simply define an ordered list of SIDs

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Combine Segment Routing with a network controller and the possibilities are endless.

If your application is sensitive to latency (e.g., remote surgery) create a low latency network path.

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If your application is mission-critical (e.g., financial transactions) create secure network paths that avoid unsecure network areas.

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If your application needs high-availability (e.g., a video cloud service) create disjoint network paths.

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