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Business outcomes

Reduce costs

Hyperconverged infrastructure allows IT to simplify management, improve productivity, and reduce operational costs through enhanced efficiency.

Speed innovation

Increase agility in provisioning new services, while improving resilience in today's complex environment.

Enhance business agility

Cisco CX can design, implement, and optimize multicloud environments with choice of best-of-breed service and app providers, and reduce costs with centrally deployed, managed, and maintained solutions.

How CX can help

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Lower costs through any workload, any cloud, any scale.


  • Deploy Hyperflex and/or UCS to provide software-defined storage and stateless compute with independent scale of compute and capacity.

  • Adoption of Cisco Intersight across HCI/Compute systems.

  • Cloud Center Suite and/or UCS Director for deployment and orchestration.

  • Use Private Cloud IaaS Integrated Service to deploy a private cloud in a box, turnkey solution.

  • Quick Start offers allow for fast, predefined pilot testing.


Capabilities delivered

  • Quick Starts accelerate your organization's journey to cloud with a fast lane to Fast IT.

  • Comprehensive services enable step-by-step success.

  • Deploy and lifecycle manage Kubernetes clusters and namespace on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Expertise powered by analytics and insights accelerates software development, deployment and integration.

  • During the first year of operation, we provide upgrade support and an additional operational readiness assessment to help you enhance efficiency.



  • Simplified and consistent operations, in the data center, public cloud, colocation, and private cloud environments leading to reduced OpEx

  • Flexibility of choice of best-of-breed service and application providers independent of location or cloud

  • Lower costs through any workload, any cloud, and any scale for flexible IaaS and data storage models


Platform modernization

Reduce costs, enhance innovation, and improve time-to-market.


  • Deploy Cisco Container Platform as a foundation for new applications or application re-platforming.

  • Deploy hypervisor-based private cloud for on-premises, agile application platform.

  • Construct automation workflows for hybrid, private stack, and public cloud application and workload placement options utilizing UCS Director and Cisco Cloud Center.


Capabilities delivered

  • Cisco CX cloud services help you design, implement, and manage cloud initiatives successfully and quickly.

  • Identify optimal use cases and deploy the solution smoothly.

  • Scale with confidence by receiving valuable training and an operations runbook with governance controls.

  • CX cloud services can rapidly deliver by simplifying projects and following a proven methodology.

  • Validated, turnkey designs speed deployment and improve application efficiency and scalability.



  • Reduce operations costs with turnkey, preconfigured solution that automates repetitive tasks and removes pressure to update processes and skill sets in-house

  • Cut your time-to-market with one simple environment across on-premises and in public cloud environments


Edge modernization

Reduce costs by pushing to the edge.


  • Drive intelligence and processing capabilities closer down to where the data originates, makes critical decisions near the point of action, and uses network resources most efficiently.

  • Drive cloud edge and colocation centric edge architectures and services.

  • Deploy Hyperflex Edge system in remote locations for local storage repositories and analytics at the edge.

  • Define application data placement, cloud policies, and configure data path and access.


Capabilities delivered

  • Improved IT agility and operational excellence with expert advice on design, deployment and management.

  • Set up Cisco HyperFlex Systems clusters and move your workloads with confidence.

  • CX expertise reduces risk and enhances end-to-end security capabilities.

  • Enhanced customer experience leveraging automation, analytics, and containerization.

  • Increase success when moving data, workloads and applications to Cisco HyperFlex Systems.



  • Reduce edge IT costs with centrally and flexibly deployed, managed, and maintained solutions

  • Provide insight into running the right workload, right place, at the right time and optimize accordingly


Multicloud solutions

Optimize with automation and orchestration.


  • Utilize automation engines to accept API and integration calls from intelligence engines.

  • Orchestrate application and platform placement decisions based on cloud governance models.

  • Deploy cloud-based backup and secondary storage architectures to ease migration of workloads in public/private cloud IAAS.

  • Evaluate on-premises container-based solutions such as Azure Stack, Google GKE on-premises/Anthos, and AWS EKS container offerings.


Capabilities delivered

  • Successfully deploy workloads by verifying cloud region, system, and design requirements for target applications.

  • Deploy, lifecycle manage, and optimize containerized workloads on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Reduce complexity by modeling application profiles, including topology, infrastructure, and cloud services dependencies.

  • Manage and scale Cisco CloudCenter efficiently with governance control.

  • Increase success when moving workloads, data, and applications to the edge and cloud infrastructure.



  • Hyperconverged infrastructure allows IT to simplify management, improve productivity, and reduce operational costs

  • Increase agility and optimize managing total hosting costs across any cloud - independent of provider or location - public/private/hybrid

  • Fully-converged operational model improves efficiency, agility, quality, and security


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