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Digital transformation starts with a Cisco Data Center

Today all businesses battle with unprecedented competitive pressures. In order to succeed—or even survive—they must rapidly adapt to constantly changing environments, in every industry and sector. What does this mean for IT leaders?  

  • 77%

    say their organizations are currently employing hybrid cloud approaches

  • 57%

    report that in hybrid cloud arrangements, most of their IT assets are on-premises

  • 54%

    expect to increase their reliance on public cloud services as part of their hybrid cloud strategy

Top 5 reasons to choose Cisco HyperFlex systems

First-generation hyperconvergence promised fast and easy deployment. But if you tried any of these systems, you may have found them to be complex and inflexible, providing underwhelming performance. This makes it difficult to scale, optimize, and manage your data center.

The Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform makes your data instantly accessible and highly available, with always-on deduplication and compression that reduces your storage needs. In addition, the preinstalled VMware ESXi hypervisor accelerates both provisioning and scaling.

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Top 5 reasons to choose Cisco HyperFlex systems

The evolution of the data center

As cloud solutions and services continue their rapid ascent in the enterprise world, becoming mainstays of business agility and efficiency, it’s fair to question the impact on traditional data centers and those who manage them. Are on-premises systems and specialists losing a measure of relevance? Not remotely. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. With Cisco Data Center, gain architectural flexibility and consistent networking across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. A data center that is constantly learning with analytics, constantly adapting with automation, and constantly protecting with policy-driven security.


Enabling digital transformation in data centers and hybrid cloud

Cloud computing has become an integral element of any successful digital transformation strategy. Accordingly, IT budgets are shifting toward cloud. IDC forecasts that public IT cloud services revenue will exceed $141 billion in 2019, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.4% - almost six times the rate of overall IT market growth. In 2019, public IT cloud services will drive 20% of the $716 billion aggregate revenue generated by the need for applications, development and deployment tools, infrastructure software, storage, and servers. By 2018, more than half of enterprises' IT infrastructure and software investments will be cloud based (private and public), reaching 60% to 70% of IT spend by 2020.

see faster time to value, comprehensive adoption, and optimized policies with services.

deploy any application, anywhere. ACI Services help transform your next-generation data center and cloud deployment.

get onsite expert help to quickly, easily, and more securely migrate data and applications to Cisco HyperFlex solutions.

receive deployment help and expertise on Cisco CloudCenter.

Digitally transform business and modernize infrastructure with Cisco Data Center

"Traders and researchers immediately noticed the faster performance after we moved our VDI to Cisco HyperFlex."

Holger Schultes, Head of IT, Bellevue Group.

"In the past, we spent most of our time fulfilling requests from the server and application teams, but Cisco ACI is saving us critical time and allowing our teams to try new things, explore new products and enhance our underlying systems and overall security posture."

Lily Wongso, Data Center Network Manager at PT Bank Central Asia.

"Tetration has streamlined our transition to a software-defined, zero-trust architecture. We are now managing, securing, and monitoring more than 10,000 hosts and 200 business-critical applications across three clusters."

Carol Goh, senior director of global infrastructure services, Cisco IT.

What’s inside a Cisco Data Center?

Cisco Tetration Analytics

Cisco Tetration Analytics

Gain visibility with deep forensics across everything in your data center in real time.

Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco ACI

Use our industry-leading SDN solution to automate and simplify network provisioning and operations.

Cisco HyperFlex

Cisco HyperFlex

Implement adaptive infrastructure for complete hyperconvergence end to end.

Cisco CloudCenter

Cisco CloudCenter

Securely deploy and manage apps to data center and private and public cloud environments.


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