3 Things Successful Teams Do Differently in the Digital Business


By Conrad Steyn, Cisco Southern Africa Collaboration Product Sales Specialist

Teams that collaborate, stay together. It could be a bumper sticker or a cheesy team-building slogan, but it’s the truth. The only thing that separates a successful business idea from an idea that never gets off the ground is the complexity of bringing people together.

People don’t want to be disconnected from the bigger picture, or learn about a project second hand on an email trail – they want to be part of the process, in the heart of the action, sharing their ideas, getting their hands dirty and collaborate. Passive involvement does not produce the same results as active group effort.

So what do successful teams do that’s different?

  • They pool their collective creativity. From brainstorming an idea on a whiteboard to preparing the final touches of strategy, productive teams are the ones that share, challenge, revise, refine and iterate content in an agile and inclusive way. No one feels left out; everyone has a chance to bring their unique skills to the table.
  • They’re always on the same page. Before, during and after a meeting, dynamic teams always know what’s the agenda, the anticipated outcome, and their role in making it happen. Whether it’s sharing files, commenting on content, or approving a final asset, everyone has access to up-to-date information in real-time. There’s no breakdown in communication, nothing is lost in the ether … and things just happen faster.
  • They’re always in touch. To get the best out of the team, they understand that video calls and conferencing offers a far richer collaboration experience. And video should be available for all scenarios – from mobile devices, virtual spaces and in-room facilities, keeping teams connected keeps a project alive, top of mind, and on track.

And these teams recognise that a continuous and robust workflow is facilitated by the best collaboration technology. Technology that’s designed, built, and deployed for the fast-paced dynamic business world of today – intelligent, intuitive, and effortless to use.

The real secret?

More to the point, the secret of successful teams is that they get things done. They don’t use trendy technology and apps just for the sake of it, but as tools to help them be more productive as a team and more competitive in their industries. They see the Finish Line and don’t stop moving until they reach it.

Collaboration seldom happens in isolation. Passion, enthusiasm and creativity are contagious in a team – and this is the ‘electricity’ business want to bring out in their people as the business landscape becomes more disruptive and competitive. So keeping teams together with the right technology makes sense, doesn’t it?

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