TelePresence: In-Person Experiences for All

The Power of Video

Did you know that more than half of communication efficiency is determined by nonverbal cues - namely tone of voice and body language? How many of these important nonverbal details are lost every day in email exchanges or conference calls? With video, all these can be overcome.

Through face-to-face communication, video allows an individual to develop a personal touch in their interaction with the co-workers, partners or customers. It builds a higher level of trust, and reduces confusion. When in-person meeting is not possible, video provides a mean to the next best thing: instant virtual in-person communication.

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Many organizations consider tele-presence and business video to be critical cost-reduction tools. With almost 90 percent of video collaboration technology users identifying reduced travel and cost savings to be a benefit of the solution, research has also found that 90 percent of frequent users say video collaboration technologies save them at least 2 hours of valuable work time a week. Cost, however, is only one element of a video strategy that can also include increased productivity, environmental responsibility, and work-life balance.

With these benefits, video represents a whole new array of business opportunities for YOU.