Service Provider Strategy

Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

Automate a new class of carrier cloud services with the Cisco Evolved Services Platform.

Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

Improve Business Results Profitably

Grow your revenue using Network Function Virtualization to deliver services.

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Service Provider architecture and solutions add new business value. (3:07 min)

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Our Strategy

Cisco prepares global service providers to transform your business and capitalize on the Internet of Everything.  We help service providers to thrive by enhancing agility, increasing revenue, and decreasing operating expenses.

Enhance Business Agility

Successful architectures take an open, multi-vendor, virtual-physical hybrid approach to reach scale, speed, and programmability goals while increasing ROI from existing networks. Cisco is taking that approach with our ONE Architecture for service providers. Cisco ONE allows service providers to deploy innovations at "web speed" to meet market demands and capture new opportunities.

Cisco ONE Architecture converges hardware and virtual software technologies.  It consists of three layers: the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN), Evolved Services Platform (ESP), and applications and services. The architecture's foundation, EPN, includes networking, compute, and storage capabilities necessary to support mobile, video, wireline, cloud, and other business and consumer services.

ESP is a comprehensive orchestration and automation software platform that creates, automates, and provisions services in real time to deliver desired business outcomes for applications running on the network.

Increase Revenue

The ability to virtualize, orchestrate, and automate services is taking place across the architecture at all levels. Applications and networking functions can now become compute workloads. But to reach maximum value, virtualization needs to be automated and orchestrated simultaneously.

Cisco is leading this movement through our solution and services portfolio. We offer superior experiences and differentiated services designed to help you increase revenue. 

Decrease Operating Expenses

Decreasing operating expenses can occur through automation and increasing asset utilization on existing infrastructure. Cisco offers flexible deployment models and programs to help meet short- and long-term business objectives. From financing, consulting, and as-a-service solutions, we offer flexible ways to optimize the success and efficiency of your operation.

Additional Options for Service Providers

Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE)

Cisco ONE is our horizontally-integrated, programmable framework that allows customers to harness untapped network value, improve business agility, and gain operational simplicity.  Cisco ONE Architecture consists of three layers: applications and services, an Evolved Services Platform, and the Evolved Programmable Network infrastructure for physical and virtual elements.

Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN)

Cisco EPN creates an end-to-end physical and virtual network infrastructure across video, mobile, cloud, and managed services. It has been the market leader in networking capabilities for over a decade. EPN is the basis from which innovative capabilities are designed to function across the cloud to the core, at the edge, and to customer premises.

Cisco Evolved Services Platform (ESP)

Cisco ESP offers a fundamental shift in the way service provider networks are built. The Cisco ESP is a comprehensive orchestration and automation software platform that creates, automates, and provisions services in real time, across compute, storage, and network functions. It can deliver desired business outcomes for applications running across multiple domains.

When service providers deploy the Cisco ESP you can deliver the right type of experience for each customer need, regardless of how they are connected to the network (fixed, mobile, or Wi-Fi).

Cisco Mobile Internet Solutions

These solutions were developed with elasticity and programmability in mind. They address service provider priorities of network reach and intelligence, and service creation velocity which can be powered through a virtualized core infrastructure.

Cisco Cloud Platform

This platform offers a powerful set of capabilities for service providers to build public, private, and hybrid clouds. You can then offer new cloud-centric services and applications, both dynamically and on demand.

Benefits of the Cisco Cloud Platform include increased service acceleration, a shared infrastructure that pools network and data center capabilities, and expense reduction.

Cisco Videoscape

Cisco Videoscape supports new video-driven experiences that make television the medium of choice, carried forward across devices. The portfolio includes cloud, network, and client hardware and software assets. Media companies, service providers, and consumers can connect to create and enjoy new experiences on any device.

Cisco Services

Cisco Services help service providers meet their networking and business challenges. These services provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that take a holistic approach to business transformation.