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Explore the power of digital transformation

With digital transformation, countries and communities around the world can reduce costs, improve government operational efficiency, and enhance citizen services. Cisco, along with our ecosystem partners, is helping government organizations transform processes, implement a secure architecture, and deliver visionary solutions. Cisco serves:


National government agencies


Regional and local government agencies



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National government

Meet mission requirements, enhance data sharing, and improve efficiency.

Public safety and security

Address citizen needs, transform services, and build trust.


Increase the speed of justice, create safer experiences, and enhance agility.

Cities and Communities

Drive growth, better serve your citizens, and enhance livability.

Cisco helps turn Jaipur into a Smart and Safer City

Jaipur is a historical city that attracts tens of millions of tourists from all over the world annually. Jaipur is focusing on technology innovation as a Digital City to showcase greater connectivity and information access for our citizens and tourist visitors. Working with Cisco has made this vision a reality, and our city is benefitting in every aspect – from safety and security, to easy access to information, to overall improvement of our image and our stepping into the "Smart City" arena.

Shikhar Agrawal, Principal Secretary Water Resources, State Water Resource Planning, Government of Rajasthan

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Case Study – Vijayawada Golden Mile

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Cisco 2017 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study

Public Sector and the Digital Vortex

See how government organizations can harness digital disruption for positive change.