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Cities and Communities

Smart city solutions drive connectivity, productivity, and security for your communities.

How to start your digital journey

Build the foundation

Traditional network architectures can't scale in the digital era. Optimize your network with Cisco DNA for Cities.

Unify your city data

With Cisco Kinetic for Cities, extract and compute data from connected devices on the city network and share across agencies.

Boost urban innovation

Deploy new city services by leveraging Cisco solutions, third-party software, or your own application development.

DNA for Cities

Our intelligent network delivers contextual insights, automates processes, and protects against threats.

Cisco Kinetic for Cities

Unlock the value of data generated by connected devices, sensors, and city assets on the network with Cisco Kinetic for Cities.

See our solutions for…


Lower energy consumption, cut costs, and simplify maintenance.


Protect lives and infrastructure from environmental damage through hyperlocalized monitoring and predictive modeling.


Generate revenue with demand-based parking while reducing the search time for citizens.

Safety and Security

Accurately detect incidents and protect against crime through digital monitoring.

Urban Mobility

View live street conditions to gain insight on how to improve traffic management.

Waste Management

Manage, collect, and track waste bins to avoid overflow and health hazards.

New financing for cities

Our $1 billion initiative makes it easier for you to adopt smart city technology.

Case Studies

Carbon-neutral Copenhagen

Copenhagen reduces carbon footprint and enriches citizen experiences through digital solutions.

Kansas City fosters innovation and entrepreneurship through digital transformation.

The Town of Cary partners with Cisco on smart lighting and parking solutions to enhance citizen services

Digital value for cities

Discover how digital cities can generate $2.3 trillion globally through 2024.

DevNet for smart cities

Create new solutions, APIs, and reference apps for smart cities and communities.

News and events

Announcing Kinetic for Cities

Cash in on the value of data with an urban service marketplace that develops revenue and employment opportunities.

The future of smart cities

Chuck Robbins and the Wall Street Journal's Jason Anders discuss the digital transformation of smart cities.

Future cyber threats to governments

See what kind of cyber attacks state and local governments will face and how to prepare.