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India E-Waste

India E-Waste

We use electronics every day as we work, live, play, and learn. As they become obsolete, we need to recycle them. But the rapid proliferation of electronic products has led to more and more of them showing up at landfills.

Through both voluntary and mandatory programs, producers are taking responsibility for the proper disposition and recycling of electronic products.

Cisco significantly reduces the environmental impact of used electronic products through its end-of-life programs. The Takeback and Recycle Program is designed to harvest and reuse the materials contained in the equipment collected. Products are disassembled and then processed to retrieve materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, etc. We return these materials to the market where they are made into new products. More than 99 percent of the electronics sent for processing are recycled.

Cisco’s Takeback and Recycle Program

Cisco's Takeback and Recycle Program enables you to properly recycle products that have reached their end of useful life. Cisco's Takeback and Recycle Program offers the following benefits:

  • Convenient pick-up at customer location.
  • Equipment returned to Cisco is managed in an environmentally safe manner.
  • On request, Cisco can provide a Certificate of Destruction for equipment returned through the Cisco Takeback and Recycle Program.


You can learn more about Cisco’s Takeback and Recycle Program by contacting Cisco.

Producer Responsibility Organization Option

In addition to Cisco’s Takeback and Recycle Program, you may drop off E-Waste at a collection point provided by Cisco’s E-Waste Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in India, Karo Sambhav.

Call Karo Sambhav’s toll free number 1-800-2121434 or send an email to engage@karosambhav.com for more information.

Recycle your electronics

Recycle your electronics – anything with a plug or a battery – using Cisco’s Takeback and Recycle Program or at one of the Karo Sambhav’s drop-off sites.

Erase, delete and remove any sensitive data contained in or on products being returned.

Do not discard electronics and batteries in ordinary trash bins.