Mobile Videoscape

Meet and Manage New Mobile Demand

Consumers, mobile device vendors, application developers, and content providers are collectively forcing mobile operators to reinvent themselves. Mobile networks must evolve to deliver the services, features, coverage, and high-quality experience that subscribers demand--or subscribers will look for other providers.

Mobile operators must manage over-the-top (OTT) content or partner with OTT content providers to limit loss of revenue and avoid having to expand their networks in order to carry non-revenue traffic.

With Cisco Mobile Videoscape, you can overcome the three challenges facing mobile operators.

Reduce Costs

  • Cut costs by managing transport of over-the-top applications.
  • Save on capital expenditures (CapEx) by making better use of expensive spectrum and radio assets.
  • Save on operational expenses (OpEx) by better managing video bandwidth during peak usage.

Increase Revenues

  • Earn more by offering premium video services.
  • Segment subscribers into different service tiers with different levels of video quality.
  • Forge partnerships to generate new income from content and advertising.

Improve the Customer Experience

  • Enhance customers' video quality.
  • Deliver "three-screen" video services to TVs, PCs, and mobile devices.

Use the optimization, personalization, and content partnerships of Cisco Mobile Videoscape to help transform delivery of mobile video into a revenue opportunity.

Cisco ASR 5000 Series
Cisco Mobile Video Gateway (MVG) runs on the Cisco ASR 5000 Series to detect, pace, and optimize video based on user device, policy, and network conditions.


Cisco ASR 5000 Series Solutions
Cisco Mobile Video Gateway (MVG) on the ASR 5000 Series can be deployed as part of a mobile gateway in a variety of network types or as a standalone IP Source Guard (IPSG).


Cisco Content Delivery Systems
Get caching, reduce video re-processing, and position content to reduce network traffic with the Cisco Content Delivery System (CDS).


Cisco Unified Computing System
Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) with Cisco Content Adaptation Engine (CAE) software can be used to scale bulk transrating and transcoding.


Cisco Network Traffic Optimization
Get comprehensive service understanding and interactive resource allocation capabilities.


Services for Service Providers
Accelerate your success in deploying a mobile network with Cisco Mobile Wireless Solutions for Service Providers.

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