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Cisco DNA Spaces

Take wireless beyond connectivity

Use location analytics to gain more insights into the behavior of people and things and how they interact in your physical spaces.

A renewed focus on business resilience

Our world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions. Planning your network to help your organization respond to the unexpected is now more important than ever.

Features and benefits

Cisco DNA Spaces gives you rich location-based services, including location analytics, customer engagement toolkits, asset management, enterprise application integrations, and location-data APIs. To date, we are live at more than 50,000 locations across 143 billion square feet.

Trusted workplace

Leverage built-in apps to facilitate a safe return to the workplace and business resiliency.

Partner applications

Drive industry-specific outcomes with partner applications for use cases such as asset tracking, space utilization, and attendance tracking.

Next-generation onboarding

Seamlessly onboard customers with captive portals, SDKs, and OpenRoaming technology.

Indoor IoT services

Digitize people and things in your spaces: Deploy indoor IoT applications at scale with the indoor IoT services in Cisco DNA Spaces.

With Cisco DNA Spaces, you can...

See what's happening at your properties

Business insights

Get industry-specific metrics about the behavior of people on your premises.

Right-now metrics

Gain real-time views of visitor behavior at your properties.

Detect and locate

Search and display locations of devices based on MAC or IP addresses. Access historical data and APIs.


Get seamless, secure onboarding to public Wi-Fi.

Act on insights using digitization toolkits

Captive portal

Seamlessly onboard visitors at your properties, and deliver zero-click targeted engagements.


Trigger contextual engagements across SMS, email, and other channels, based on visitor behaviors.

Operational insights

Identify and monitor assets, detect anomalies, optimize operations and response times, and integrate with enterprise systems.

Location personas

Profile and segment visitors based on their behavior.

Extend platform capabilities and drive business outcomes

App Center

  • Instantaneous activation of partner apps
  • Apps for various industry-specific use cases
  • Monitoring and support
  • More user control over the apps

Cisco DNA Spaces Firehose API

  • Cloud-native, high-performance streaming API
  • Uniform access across multiple technology types
  • API monitoring and support
  • Machine-learning algorithms to autocategorize people in a space


Enterprise integrations

  • Native integrations into enterprise software
  • Monitoring and support by Cisco DNA Spaces
  • Highly scalable and resilient connector

Cisco Internal integrations

  • Integration with collaboration endpoints and other Cisco technologies

Get assured wireless performance and location services

Cisco DNA software subscriptions provide analytics and assurance powered by AI/ML, for easy troubleshooting and management of your wireless network. Cisco DNA Spaces provides insights about people and assets on your premises and can help inform business decisions.

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