Catholic Education of Parramatta

The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

Australian Government

The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, 77 Catholic schools in Sydney's western suburbs

With high volumes of students and teachers logging on simultaneously, the IT department needed to improve network infrastructure for the 77 schools managed by the diocese.


  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager,
  • Cisco 7900 Series IP phones
  • Cisco 4440 Series Wireless LAN Controllers
  • Cisco Catalyst 3560, Cisco Catalyst 2750, Cisco Catalyst 4500 and Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches, Cisco 3825 SRST routers

  • Fast and reliable internet access for all students; the network upgrade for the Catholic Education school system has provided students with fast, reliable and extensive access to the internet. Each student has access to laptops and other devices and can interact online at any time of day.
  • Broader access to learning resources through technology
  • The classroom has become a more enjoyable place to learn
"When you have 30 students needing to log onto the network for a single lesson, you can't afford connection problems. Network failures meant that, at times, learning and teaching time was reduced."

–Matthew Doepel, Chief Technology Officer for the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

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