National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN)

The NIIN is an alliance between industry and universities driven by one goal:
to realise digital opportunities that can benefit the lives of all Australians.

The NIIN is working on nationally significant projects, including securing critical
infrastructure, education, digital health and hybrid work through a range of initiatives:

Skill & Talent


Partnerships are the beating heart of the NIIN. Staffed with university experts working with industry to pool assets and expertise, including research, administration, IT and teaching, all with matched funding commitments.

Research Chairs

Research Chairs have been established at six universities in the areas of: Advanced Networking; Digital Health; IOT and AI; Retail and Logistics; Digital Transport; and Security and Critical Infrastructure.

Innovation Central

An Australia-wide network of Innovation Central facilities, staffed with Alliance Managers, focused on driving Partnership value and project execution.

Specialised Centres

Subject-focused centres where researchers and industry pursue specific goals.

Skills & Talent Development

Critical to achieving the NIIN’s objectives is a technically skilled and industry-ready workforce. Training hubs are being established to complement the more than 100 Cisco Networking Academy sites already operating across the nation. Working in conjunction with higher education institutions, more than 200,000 students have completed courses to-date with various internships awarded each year.

Digital Opportunities

The NIIN’s mission allows partners to pursue projects across a broad range of areas of national importance. The greater the national impact, the more on-point the project.

Future Investments

Together with the NIIN, Cisco Investments is able to pursue positive progress, where every venture takes us one step further to building an inclusive future through innovation.

News and Events

Keep up to date with the latest news and announcements from the NIIN and upcoming events involving our research chairs and community.