National Industry Innovation Network

Key Programs


Securing Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

With every connection comes the opportunity for a smarter, safer and more sustainable future for more of us. Critical infrastructure underpins this bright future. Cisco is working with leading national universities to discover the opportunities for us to prosper, safely


Smart Zero

Using advanced networks to accelerate progress towards Net Zero


Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW is partnering with Cisco to carry out a range of trials that utilise innovative world leading technology to reduce congestion and create connected safer journeys for the community


Transforming Aged Care Report

The Health Transformation Lab’s new report, Transforming Aged Care, responds directly to the recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. It contends that the deep and systemic adoption of technology presents an opportunity to transform Australia’s aged care into a respectful, responsive and high-quality system.


Australia’s Digital Readiness Index 2022

The Cisco Australia Digital Readiness Index 2022 explores how ready each state and territory is in Australia to reap the benefits of future digitisation.


Critical Technology Report

The development and adoption of digital technologies is critical to Australia’s future. Australia’s capacity to be competitive, productive and economically complex is largely driven by its ability to embrace digital technologies. While development of new technologies is important, it is the adoption of technology by industry that offers the greatest gains, including improved competitiveness and differentiation.


Designing a better patient experience through information systems

We are all searching for a better, supportive, wellbeing experience for our patients and staff. The Information Infrastructure to Experience Framework (IIEF) provides a bridge where the imagination of clinical care designers and information technologists can coalesce to envision new ways of delivering physical, virtual and hybrid models of care explicitly designed around the patient experience.


The Benevolent Enterprise

Trust matters in our economies and societies more than ever. This is particularly the case in data - intensive environments in which trust has become a significant roadblock to the adoption of digital technologies. In this report, we present eight benevolent practices that can help organisations to further elevate trust as a unique differentiator and with this create a positive impact on customers’ advocacy, retention, and engagement.


Smart Campus Living Lab – Transforming the University

A smart campus living lab is critical to accelerating scientific innovation and adoption of advanced technologies. Traditionally, the translation of novel research into real-world application and impact can take years. It involves rounds of accepting, trialing and putting it in the hands of industry. By converting a university campus into a real-life testbed, we are able to get industry involved much earlier and more effectively leverage the underlaying platforms that universities have already put in place. 


Smart Healthcare Report – Singapore Summit

Cisco recently hosted its first Smart Healthcare Summit in Singapore. It provided a forum for experts to present and share insights and perspectives on the major challenges, with a large focus on the important role of technology innovation and need for greater collaboration to improve healthcare outcomes. A considerable output from the summit is the publication of a Smart Healthcare report - Using Digital to Create Better Healthcare and More Resilient Communities, which captures the leading themes but also a proposed way forward for the sector to accelerate the pace and quality of innovation.


Elevating Hybrid Work and Learning in Higher Education

The new global partnership between Cisco and Microsoft can greatly benefit the higher education sector. It will enhance the interoperability between Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams technologies, redefining how learning environments and meeting spaces are designed, deployed and managed across campuses.