Securing Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

Cyber security has emerged as one of Australia’s most significant economic and strategic threats. A cyber crime was reported every eight minutes in Australia in 2020/21 - a 13% annual increase - and 25% of those attacks were on critical infrastructure. The challenge is becoming greater with more and better resourced attackers and chronic skills shortages forecast for cyber talent. New Commonwealth Government legislation is likely to add greater reporting obligations to critical infrastructure operators across 11 sectors, but additional compliance measures alone won’t make infrastructure assets secure. Gaps exist globally in crucial cyber skills, but also environments to facilitate research, testing and practical learning with the continually evolving cyber threat landscape.

To address this, Cisco is working with leading national universities to understand common threats and solutions for critical infrastructure operators. The focus is three-fold:

  • How to make technology platforms more resilient in the face of cyber threats
  • How to build and sustain a cyber skills pipeline
  • How to create a safe space for cyber security innovation before moving to full deployment 

Securing Australia’s Critical Infrastructure Report

With every connection comes the opportunity for a smarter, safer and more sustainable future for more of us. Critical infrastructure underpins this bright future. In a new report, discover the opportunities for us to prosper, safely.

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