Smart Zero

Using Advanced Networks to Accelerate Progress Towards Net Zero

Two of the major disruptions gathering pace in the Australian economy are digital transformation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero.

Current technologies will not be sufficient for Australia to meet its targets. To keep pace with global competitors - and to capture the economic opportunities of transitioning to Net Zero – solving problems at the intersection of digital and Net Zero will require collaborative action from government, universities, and the private sector to harness Australia’s collective research capability. Innovation and rapid technology development is also needed in a broad range of areas, including digital technologies that improve systems and processes and automate monitoring.

Our ability to embrace the new digital solutions related to Net Zero is increasingly dependent on the network, making it a critical enabler. Advanced networks will not only need to be optimised for Net Zero, but they will also need to be more energy efficient in their own right. Advances in underlying digital technologies and tools are unlocking new possibilities - Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins and blockchain will be a crucial lever for organisations in achieving and accelerating their Net Zero goals.

Smart Zero Report

Cisco and Curtin University launch the ‘Smart Zero’ report exploring the role digital technologies and advanced networks can play to accelerate progress towards Net Zero. The report, led out of the National Industry Innovation Network, reveals that Australia has much to gain from Net Zero but won’t meet targets with current technology, let alone get there ahead of schedule.