Seven trends in the Global Vocational Education and Training (VET)

A broad range of macro and lower-level factors – spanning policy and government, the economy, society and technology – drive trends in vocational education and training.

In an effort to understand and assess these trends, Cisco and Optus/Alphawest engaged dandolopartners to research emerging global trends in vocational education and training.

This work is intended to stimulate debate, inform training providers and policy makers and bring into sharper focus some of the challenges that are likely to arise in coming years. The assessment of global trends draws heavily on overseas case studies and the latest policy thinking and research. The intent was to identify ‘trends’ in action rather than conduct a theoretical assessment of ideas that may or may not come to fruition.

This investigation has distilled seven global trends in the vocational education and training sector, based on their impact on the sector generally and their potential applicability to Australia. Each trend is presented with a real-world example. They include trends around how students are changing their patterns of learning, models of student retention, new forms of learning delivery and trends around new forms of partnership in the VET sector.

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